Your MLM Product Sales Approach is Destroying You

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Ok, if you follow me at all you know from time to time I like to go on a wee little rant….

…today just happens to be one of those days!  Smile

If I had a nickel for every time I have been prospected and told by the person trying to rope me in that they have the best mlm product product in the  Industry…

…that it is so good that it sells itself…

Well with all those nickels I  would be all done with my mlm marketing days and kicking back on a beach sipping on margaritas out of a coconut… chilling in my Hawaii Five-O digs… sipping out of a coconut

…just chilling out for the rest of my days!! (not likely, but fun to think about!)

Every time I hear someone go on about how great their mlm companies product is I feel like yelling out a big Ol’ “Well Whoop De Doo”!

As much as this might offend some people…  it simply makes no difference…  none…  nadda…  zero…  your mlm product is not going to make you successful PERIOD… end of story!

Your prospects simply do not care about your product…  they don’t!


The BIG Business Model…

Now I am talking to those people who are trying to build a large network marketing business…

The walk away residual income for the rest of your life model….

…one that has thousands and thousands of reps using the product daily AND sharing the opportunity!

That is the BIG business model! (not slinging product)

(continued below)

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The small Business Model…

If you are not looking for the big bonus checks and just want to play store then that is the small business model and that is a-ok… but know what it is you are doing…

Understand it!

If you are leading with your product… if you are posting your product all over facebook… if your approach is product oriented… if you are trying to sell product verses recruit distributors… you are using the Small Business Model!


Big Bucks is Created By the Opportunity Approach…

If you want to build a BIG downline, your MLM Marketing needs to be centered around approaching people with your opportunity and not your product!

And the sooner you understand that the sooner you can set yourself up for some success in this industry.


Stop Selling…

To many people run around marketing their mlm product…. going on and on and on about it….  mlm product sales

They get into each and every ingredient…  all of its benefits…  how it is going to make you grow taller, live longer, make you sexier, get you in super duper shape… give you bright shinny hair and sparkling teeth…  blah blah blah!

Gang… if you are trying to build the BIG business…  you need to understand that the only thing your prospect cares about is whether you can help them become successful…

…whether you have the leadership skills and the plan in place that can guide them to the top.

(continued below)


Successful MLM Marketing is Centered Around You…

They are NOT looking at your product…  they are looking at YOU!

You are being analyzed the whole time…

Are you coming across weak and needy?

Are you begging them to join your network marketing business….  are you giving off the impression that you NEED them in your business?

If so stop now!

Your prospect can smell neediness!

They will run from it.

You will repel them!


Become a Leader… Develop Posture…

People are attracted to confidence, leadership, vision, dreams… Not your mlm product!

They will put their faith in a person who comes across as being in charge…  knows where they are going and gives the impression that they can show their prospect the exact steps to make them successful and lead them to the promise land!

Leaders are the people that prospects follow…  period!


Get Your Leader mentality on!

YOU Have what they need!  Not the other way around!

And what they need is a rock solid opportunity… not a super sleek mlm product sales presentation!

And keep in mind when prospecting … You do not need them…  they need you!

Once you get this right… and stop trying to sell… and instead develop the big business focus… you can stop running around trying to sling product, wearing yourself out and getting frustrated…

When this happens network marketing becomes so much fun and so much more profitable.


Stop Selling Your Network Marketing Product:


Your Turn Do you agree or disagree with me?  Are you going to lead with your mlm product or your opportunity?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Great post Robb…. I’m more inclined to treat each prospect on their own…. we have an intrinsically yes product and some people just want that and others want the opportunity. I think by asking the right questions you can use both approaches equally well and build a large successful organization… just my thoughts 🙂

    • Robb Corbett says:

      My approach is always to approach with the opportunity, ask someone to look at it… then 1 of 3 outcomes occur… 1) not interested in anything (product or opportunity)… 2) not interested in opportunity BUT wow I love your product can I buy some… sure can, sign them up on autoship… 3) I want to do the opportunity… they are now a customer and a business builder…. with this approach you are NOT prejuding people on the opportunity… too many people make the opportunity decision for people… let the prospect determine where they fit either as a customer or a business builder!

  2. Like so many that are new to the mlm business, I really was exuberant about the products and I still am. I learned to stop “throwing up” on people like I did in the beginning. Now I LISTEN carefully, might ask a probing question or two, and then either go down the product presentation path or the opportunity presentation path. The best prospects are the ones who are looking for the benefits of our products and open to business model.
    I wouldn’t be doing this if the product was not great and something I had confidence in. Even after 3 years, I’m still very enthusiastic about the products, but even more about the opportunity when someone is open to to it!

    p.s. I really enjoy your posts Rob. Thanks

  3. People are definitely coming into the business because of you, and not so much because of the product.

  4. Great reminder Robb. Some of us get so addicted to our product – the benefits, the ingredients, the science … You’re right – nobody cares.

    They only care, when you show them how it could benefit them…. But that’s a longer harder slower path

    When you lead with the business … You get more business 🙂 and more customers

  5. right Robb, and it is important to meet people “where they are”, not where you want them to be.

  6. Awesome… I read it now and then coz its great. Thnks Robb

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