Your Life Is A Do-It-Yourself Project

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Your Life Is A Do-It-Yourself Project

My wife loves DIY projects. She recently just built a rustic looking table with a friend of hers. She found a picture of one she liked on Your-Life-Do-It-Yourself-SuccessPinterest and went at it.

Myself I am not much of a DIY project guy… if I can hire someone to do it for me then I typically will!

However there is one Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project that you can not hire someone else to do for you… it truly is yours to do… and that is designing the life you wish to live!

The responsibility and work of designing and creating the life of your dreams rests squarely on your shoulders.

No one can do it for you…

The good news is that if you can envision what your ideal lifestyle would look like, then you were also given the ability to achieve it.

What you need to do each morning when you wake up is ask yourself what can I do today to bring me closer to living the life I desire?

If deep down in your heart you know you could be doing more, you know you were meant for more, and you know you can do great things then stop making excuses for yourself and start working towards greatness!

You can start changing your life at ANY moment you so desire… It is simply a decision that you need to make to do so.

You can haul yourself out from under your present situation at any time. You can make the decision to get out of the rut you are living in at any moment!

Start believing in yourself… and start heading down the road of change today!

In order to get your life on track and headed in the direction you want; you need to first of all answer these 5 life changing questions:


Life Changing Question #1) What?

Without direction and purpose your life has no meaning. The most important question to find the answer to is what do you want to do with your life?

Find the answer to this question and you will be well on your way to achieving great things in your life.

Once you clearly identify what it is you want to accomplish with your life, you can now focus on putting the plans in place to reach this goal. It becomes your life focus.

You know what your target is…

Which gives your life meaning and a focus. Something to strive towards. It also prevents you from getting distracted by activities that have no connection to your life goal.

your_future- design-goals


Life Changing Question #2) Why?

Why do you want to create this lifestyle for yourself?

Figure this out ASAP…

Write it down underneath your goal. Keep it somewhere you will be able to see it daily.

Having a firm understanding of why you want to achieve your life goal will provide you with clarity and a determination to make it happen no matter what.

If will also motivate you to make it happen regardless of what gets in your way.

The answer to the question Why, needs to be powerful and compelling enough to get you into action and keep you there.

Do some serious soul searching on this AND be honest with yourself!


Life Changing Question #3) Who?

As the late great Jim Rohn said: “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better”!

In order to become a success at anything you will need to change. improve yourself

What you have done to this date has gotten you to where you are.

If you want to go further and to better places, you have to better yourself…

You have to do things differently.

You will have to become a different person.

So who do you need to become to reach your goal?

=> Do you need to become more of an action oriented person?

=> Do you need to become more confident?

=> Do you need to learn how to take risks?

Figure out the qualities you will require to become a success and go to work at developing them.

Remember if you were given a dream you were given the means to achieve it.

You have the qualities you require deep down inside you. You just need to develop them and bring them to life.


Life Changing Question #4) How?

No goal can be achieved without a plan. The “How-To”!

Just like any road trip you have ever taken you required a road map to get you to your destination.

You can not simply start heading down any old road and hope you will arrive at where you want to go.

The same goes with achieving your goal… you need a PLAN!

The great news is that anything you want to achieve in life has already been done by other people. And without a doubt how they accomplished the goal has been written down in a book or website, etc.

So after you know what you want to achieve with your life, start researching the different plans that are out there.

Find the one that makes the most sense to you and then go to work on it!


Life Changing Question #5) When?

When are you going to arrive at your destination?

When will your goal be accomplished?

It is important to set a timeline…

Sure your timeline can change and it will as you move forward. But having an idea of when a goal will be reached provides you with more motivation and energy to go after it.

It keeps you pushing forward and prevents you from slowing down or slacking off!


Final Thought:  There is no question that your life is a do-it-yourself project.

You can create the exact lifestyle you wish. But you need to get started on it. It is the most important DIY project you could ever commit yourself to.

Take action on making it happen today… you are worth it!

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Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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