Your Ever Expanding MLM Prospecting List

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Your Ever Expanding MLM Prospecting List

Today I am going to share with you a recruiting concept that you really need to understand… grow your mlm prospecting list

Recruiting in your network marketing business really comes down to “Growing & Maintaining an Ever Expanding Candidate List”…

Fancy words I know!

But what do they mean?

Obviously Network Marketing is a business… but it blows my mind how many people do not treat it as such.

Here is what I mean… building a successful business of any kind requires “Keeping Your Message in Front of as Many People as Possible”.

But what do most Network Marketers do?

They make a list of friends and family, they call a few people on that list, those people tell them “NO” and then the networker scratches them off their list, never to be approached again!

Complete madness!

A true professional will have an ever expanding list… a list that keeps growing!


This is how it would work:

=> First… when you join the business you make your list of people you know…


=> Second… you approach that list of people, sharing your message using third party tools.


=> Third… obviously if someone says “Yes” to your message, you sign them up! But what happens if they say “No”… for the love of Pete… do not scratch them off your list.

Now I am not saying start hounding them daily… no no…

…but what you want to do is put them in your follow up system and diary it to check back in with them in 3 – 6 months.

Check back in with them and see how they are… life changes for everyone… just because your opportunity is not right for them when you approach them does not mean that in 3 months (or maybe 24 months later) it will not be right for them then.

If you stay in touch with them in a none irritating fashion… when their life situation changes such that they now are open to an opportunity, you will be the person they come to!

I can not tell you how many people I have recruited who originally told me no!

This is being a professional and is a big difference between someone who is simply “giving network marketing a try”… become a professional and get paid like one.


=> Fourth… then all you do is continue to add people to your ever-expanding list using the methods I train you on, in this blog and in my newsletter.

Implementing this “Ever Expanding List Strategy” ensures you always have lots of prospects in your funnel… in fact your funnel is never empty!

In the end gang your success will come when you start treating your business as a REAL business and not a hobby.
You do this by implementing these sorts of strategies!

I cover more on how to grow and approach your “Ever Expanding Contact List” in my FREE e-book, Bulls Eye Prospecting… you can get a copy on the side of this blog if you sooo desire!

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(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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