You Don’t Want To Join MLM Do You?

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You Don’t Want To Join MLM Do You?

One of the best all time network marketing books I highly recommend that anyone in the network marketing profession reads is “Your Best Year In Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell. your best year in network marketing by mark yarnell

It is basically his revamped version of “Your First Year In Network Marketing“. (which is also a must read!)

Within it he reviews a well known story about W. Clement Stone, who was actually the co-founder of Success magazine.

Mr. Stone was also the CEO of Combined Insurance Company. He was an incredible sales person.

So what happens is he was once hired to train a group of insurance sales people, who were basically bombing hard when it came to making any sales.

To make a point at how easy it would be to increase their sales numbers he had each one of them go door to door and knock on a stranger’s door and simply ask the person who came to the door… “You Don’t Want To Buy Any Insurance Do You?”


Well guess what he found…

YUP… just like MLM it was a numbers game for these guys.

For every Sixty Doors they knocked on, one person would buy an insurance policy!

As a result the sales people for this company went from hardly being able to sell 1 policy a week to being able to sell 8 a week!

Gang… MLM is the EASY way to live achieve your goals in life… you just have to get over yourself and stop carrying what people think of you!

If you truly were sick and tired of your lifestyle and wanted to make it in MLM all you have to do is talk to people…

As Mark talks about in his book… you could literally say pretty much anything as your recruiting pitch to 30 complete strangers and you will sign one of them up.


Including… You don’t Want To Do MLM Do You?

Say this to 30 people and one is going to say “Actually I have been thinking about doing just that!”

Now of course I recommend you learn a slightly more effective way of inviting people to look at your network marketing business then that.  Grab my Free ebook Bulls Eye Prospecting to learn the best way to invite people to look at your business. (side of blog)

So all you need to do is determine what is going to be your recruiting method… do you like the idea of going out and meeting people in public? Do you like the idea of using social media like twitter or facebook. Possibly it is attraction marketing.

In the end it makes no difference… the key is to talk to people… pick a number you are going to talk to daily… I recommend you get it up into the double digits… at least 10 people daily… and go do it!

You will shock yourself at what you will accomplish…

Click the following links if you want to get a copy of Your Best Year in Network Marketing AND  Your First Year in Network Marketing.  I would get them both, I have them both and they are excellent.  Start with Your First Year in Network Marketing.

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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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