Why Your Comfort Zone is Your Danger Zone – and how to break out

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Why Your Comfort Zone is Your Danger Zoneand how to break out!

Pick up any success book or magazine, turn to any blog on the subject of success and I can virtually guarantee you that you will Breakout-of your comfort zonefind numerous success stories of people having come from hardship… either a third world country or serious poverty… and rocketing on to success.

How they had nothing… had to use an outhouse for a bathroom… shared a bedroom with 5 other kids… never went to school… did not have enough food for 3 meals a day… etc, etc…

And we are all so impressed by how this person has turned their life around… how this person has gone from rags to riches and made something of their life. (and we should be!)

And while yes I applaud them… and while yes it is incredible… and while yes I am happy for them… and while yes it makes for a great story… and while yes it is impressive…

What I personally am more impressed with is how the normal everyday person who lives in a 1st world country… who has a decent paying job… who has a roof over their heads… a nice car… 2 kids and a dog… WAKES The Hell Up!

Wakes the hell up and realizes they are stuck… they have been lied to…. they have been duped… and they are caught in the biggest trap of all…


The Comfort Zone!

Being comfortable has killed more dreams and chances of success then anything else…

Being comfortable has destroyed in countless millions of people… their ambition, their motivation and their internal drive to be something great…

It has destroyed any chance of having the life they could have had!

Being comfortable is the great dream stealer.

When you are comfortable you lose your drive to be more… you become lazy and complacent… you accept life as it is… you settle in for the ride… you learn to simply survive your life instead of thriving.


We Are Conditioned From Birth

In our society it starts as kids…

There is a huge chance that you are who you are today because you were conditioned to become that person…

We are taught this is what life is all about…

Go to school… get an education… leave high school and either go to university or college (maybe) and then get a decent paying job that will provide you with a pension so you can retire after working your whole life on peanuts!

We follow along without asking why…  just like a herd of sheep… content to do as we were told we should do.

It is called indoctrination…the herd menality

And 97% of people have bought into this scam that was designed (yes designed) to keep you a part of the working contributing society that the governments require in order to keep things running…

Why doesn’t the school system teach entrepreneurship… internet marketing…. how to invest for riches not retirement… how to manage debt…. how to use the right type of debt to create wealth…. how to build your own business?

The answer is that the government and our society needs … The Working Class!!

They need the garbage men, they need nurses, doctors, road workers, truck drivers, lawyers, cashiers, etc etc.

And that is all fine and well… society does need these things…

And I guess (although not convinced) that some people are not cut out for greatness… some people do not have the drive to go and try to do great things… and whether that is conditioned into them or just who they are I am not 100% sure…

However if you are reading this blog it tells me you are not one of those people who are content with the status quo… you want to break away from the herd of people just living their lives doing what they were told they should do!


So How Do You Become Great?

You have to break out of your comfort zone…life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Why did the person living in poverty make a huge success of himself??

Because he or she was HUNGRY!

They were not comfortable… they saw what a lot of the world had and they wanted it.

They became mad…

They would not settle for anything less… and they went for it… they had no fear to do what needed to be done… they were not scared of what others thought of them… There was no way they were going to settle for anything other then how they envisioned their life could AND should be!

If you want success… if you want to do great things with your life… that is the mentality you need… You can not become a success by being comfortable… you can not become a success by being complacent…

You have to decide what you want… and then you have to want it so bad it is all you think about…

You can not worry about what others think of you… you have to work… you can not lay around relaxing….

Just like busting out of jail… you have to bust out of your comfort zone… it will take a decision to do so… it will take work… it will take getting over your fear… it will take action… it will take determination…

BUT… it is very very possible… and it is well worth it… and you can do it!

If you were given a dream… you were given the ability to make it happen… you have it with in you to accomplish it… but no one is going to do it for you… it is up to you!

So if you want more out of life… if you want to become who deep down you know you can be… get up… and take that first step… do it today… put the excuses behind you… now is your time to make things happen!

Step into Your Greatness!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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