Why You Should Generate MLM Leads

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It blows my mind that even after I don’t know what, ten years or so of proven success in the home business industry by people who generate mlm leads…

…there is still an element of the die hard old school faction who is against generating your own leads! learn to generate your own mlm leads

Mind Blasting to Me!


Here is the deal as I see it…

Warm Market is how you start your home business, no question!

Warm market is how you start your new team members… no question!

BUT… guess what happens to your warm market?

Yuppers… you freaking guessed it… you run out of them!


Generate Your Own Champ!

So this is why I am ALL for you learning how to generate MLM Leads on your own!

There will ALWAYS be more Cold Market People then you have in your Warm Market!

And since your success in your network marketing business is a numbers game… you need the numbers!

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What About Buying Leads?!?

Now you could go out and buy network marketing leads from a vendor… and that is fine… some leads is better then no leads…

… but buying leads can be expensive and it is very frustrating working those leads as they are not only cold but in most times simply garbage leads.

Some Joe Blow dude got canned from his day job…

… he is sitting at home drinking beer and bored out of his mind so he jumps on Mommy’s computer and goes web surfing…

…he comes across an ad that says “How Would You Like to Make $10,000.00 per Month”… he says that would be super duper dude and signs up as a MLM LEAD!

You then turn around buy this lead and it turns out to simply be crap! A waste of time and money!


Instead Call Those That Want You to Call Them!

Whereas if you are generating MLM leads on your own you get to pick your target market…

… you get to focus on the exact type of mlm lead you want to prospect.

The exact type of person you want in your business!

And the very very Best MLM Leads to focus on in your business are the leads that you generate in a self branded marketing system. Aka: An Attraction Marketing System.

A system that brands you as the expert in your niche. You can focus on building customer leads or business builder leads.


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I personally target business builder mlm leads…

…people who are already convinced network marketing is the way to go… people who are in the industry, or have been or who are looking to get into network marketing.

What happens when it comes time to prospect these type of mlm leads they are very excited to hear from you… in many cases they ask you to contact them… you have helped them… you have provided value to them… and they see you as a friend and a mentor… the energy is high when you call them… they thank you for the call!

That right there is a freaking game changer!

Yes it takes time to build a marketing system that will brand you like this, but it is worth it big time. And once those mlm leads start coming in you will be glad you did!

No more conversations with Dead beat Joey! (no offence to any Joe’s out there! 🙂 )


Video: Why You Should Generate Your Own MLM Leads


Resources to Help You Get Started Generating Your Own:


So What’cha Think?  Are you going to get buys learning how to generate mlm leads for yourseld or are you goign to continue chasing after the dead beat Joes? Let us know in the comments below, would love to hear from you!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. What a great post Robb…. I’m with you I just don’t get why there is so much resistance to generating qualified great leads online …. for me it’s a much better way to go… thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hey Robb,

    What can be better than to learn how to generate your own leads. IT tells you that you are doing something right for a change.

    When I was in network marketing I used to buy the leads you referred to. And I tell you now that I look back that it was a big waste of my time! But now I’m learning and growing on the art of blogging as well as using other strategies and from what I learned I can look back and see how naive I was lol

    Thanks for the share! Have a good one!

  3. Great point Robb. It’s powerful to focus on people who are already raising their hands!

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