Where to Find the Hottest MLM Leads

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Since I first became involved in the network marketing industry back in 1993 I have done just about every mlm lead generation tactic known to man.Discover the best mlm lead to prospect

From putting fliers on car windows, to putting ballot boxes in hair salons, to buying leads lists, to finally learning how to generate my own leads… I am pretty sure there is not much out there I have not done.

And I personally believe that you can build a home based business using many of the mlm trainings on lead generation strategies on the market.

But in my opinion there is one type of MLM lead that is simply far far freaking far superior then all the others.


The Best MLM Lead EVER!

And those are the mlm leads that you generate on your own using a self branded marketing system.

A system that puts you as the expert in front of your prospects eyes.

A mlm lead generation system that helps you develop relationships with people around the world.

REALX… I can already hear people freaking out…  “A System?!?”  How can I develop a system??

Easily!  Anyone can!

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A Simple MLM Lead Generation System

A system in this case is any marketing tool that gets your message out in front of your prospects on a consistent basis.

It could be a blog post daily.

It could be a short 2-4 minute video daily.

It could be 10 – 20 twitter messages daily.

It could be a series of instagram posts daily.

It could be a combination of all of these or a couple of these and more.

What you do is spend time each day learning something your target market would be interested in…

…. then you simply share what you learned, putting your own flava flava too it (your personality).

As people start to see you as a person who can help them solve their problems by providing them with information that helps them they will start to pay more attention to you…  they will sign up for your newsletter (which is a topic for another blog post)…  they will add you as a friend on facebook…  they will follow you on twitter…


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You Become The Expert!

The will come to see you as the expert…  which by the way if you study your industry every day you will quickly be becoming…

…Prospecting people who look up to you is the easiest form of prospecting you can do.  People who look up to you are the best mlm leads you will ever speak with.

So do nto let your fear of getting started stop you… Rome was not built in a day…  start out slow.. do a video daily… then down the road start a blog…  then add a newsletter… step by step you will eventually have created a monster mlm lead generating beast!

But the key is to simply start!


Video – Where to Find The Hottest MLM Leads


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So What’cha Think?  I know this MLM Lead generation method works incredibly well, but how about you? Have you tried it? What is your experience? Let us know in the commetns below.

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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