Where to Find Network Marketing Prospects

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Where to Find Network Marketing Prospects

Success in network marketing is simply a numbers game. The more people you share your business with the more people will join, the more people that join the more success you are going to see… it really is as simple as that. where to find prospects for network marketing

As such the most important component to your success is getting your business presentation in front of as many people as you possibly can and keeping it there.

So then where do you find these prospect to share your business with?

Well the answer to that question depends on you and how you want to build your business…

Prospects are literally everywhere.

But by finding recruiting methods that work and that you are comfortable enough with to continue doing on a daily bases, will determine your success.

So here are the methods I personally use.

1) Warm market…

…yup warm market! It makes no sense what so ever not to share your opportunity with the people you already know!

And why wouldn’t you? You are not trying to sell them anything, so don’t! imply share your opportunity with them, via a third party tool. If it is for them great, if not who cares?

It is really that easy.

And the real powerful component of the warm market is, everyone you recruit has an existing warm market of 200 – 2000 people! If you do not promote sharing to your warm market you are missing out on a boat load of growth in your organization!

There is a reason the big guns like Tim Sales and Randy Gage promote this method… it works!


2) Luke warm market…

…meaning the people you meet along the way as you are living life.

Now I am not talking about the “hide in the bushes and jump any prospect who walks by” approach… no I am saying you are going to meet people as you live your life, so the same approach and concept as the warm market holds true with this market.


3) Social media!

The emergence of social media has become an incredible opportunity for network marketers. a massive percentage of the population is on facebook and sites like it.

Simply get on there, search out the type of person you like to target, and become friends with them. Make 5 new friends a day!

When the time is right, simply “Share” your opportunity with them.


4) Attraction marketing systems.

The last method I use is Internet marketing. The funded proposal and attraction marketing systems burst onto the scene in full force about 3-5 years back.

These methods do work! However they are not very duplicatable!

Which means you can recruit a large amount of people using Internet marketing strategies but a large percentage of them will want to do the same thing and it can take them a very long time to get good at it.

So the trick here is to get them doing other activities also, such as warm market, luke warm and facebook, while they are learning the attraction marketing techniques.


Conclusion: In the end gang it is about finding a recruiting methods that work and sticking to them until you have arrived at the top. Again Tim Sales is a great recruiter, you can learn some of my favorite strategies of his by going here.


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