When We Stop Hating our Bodies – The Road to Self Acceptance

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When We Stop Hating our Bodies – The Road to Self Acceptance

“I feel so fat!” Stop and think how many times you have said this in the past, or will say it today as you pass by your hallway mirror or looking through the shop windows on your way to the office… it is obvious that body image is a very serious issue in society today.

If you have ever felt this way, know one thing for sure…you are not alone.

Every hour of every day, millions of men and women obsess over their body.

Bad body image can show itself in many ways! bad body image

One way to see how it affects you personally is to take a pen and paper and review the last 24 hours of your life.

Think about what your thoughts were or the comments you made to others concerning your body weight and/or image, etc… when you were getting up… while you were eating (or what you ate)… while having your shower…

“I feel so fat… nothing fits me… I look terrible, etc, etc, etc”

This is what some professionals call “Bad Body Fever.”

We did not start out our life feeling like we were deficient in some way. Bad body image comes over time, with the pressures society lays on us, TV, magazines family, friends and unfortunately self pressure.

The first step in overcoming Bad Body Image is to change the language and context of which we talk about our bodies.

When we say negative things about ourselves, we make a very powerful statement to ourselves and to those around us that we feel our weight defines us.

We confirm aloud that the way we look determines our self worth in some way.

This type of behavior can have a very negative effect on ourselves and those around us, especially the little ears that may be listening!

Bad Body Image acts like an infection of the self esteem.

There is a huge difference between feeling fat and being fat, and its important to realize that with these issues come grave consequences.

If we can stop the bad thoughts, we can then eliminate the bad body language.

The importance of self-acceptance is crucial in accepting your body “as it is.”

Sometimes the body bashing that happens is a direct result of the overeating and then it simply becomes a viscous cycle in which you feel bad for yourself so you eat, then you feel guilty because you ate….

How is it possible to find self-acceptance?

First and foremost you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, there are many people who suffer with the same negative thoughts as you do.

You need to understand that the world around us, although it is separate from us, plays a huge role in how we see ourselves and where we understand our place to be in the world.

If you really want to stop the cycle of Bad Body Image and yo-yo dieting you must let go and look ahead.

It’s absolutely necessary to let go of negative thoughts, behaviors and possibly even people in your life that attribute to your Bad Body Image.

Let go of the impossible weight you have in your head… let go of the negative comments that run through your head, past voices that told you, you weren’t good enough.

People can only take your power when you give up yourself to their negativity.

In order to be in control of your own thoughts and your own self esteem… you cannot give up your POWER to anyone or anything.

Stay engaged in reading blogs and books like this one to help you stay motivated, focused and on track…

“The road to success is marked by those who refused to say I can’t.”

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