What to do When You Run Out of People to Prospect!

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Hey gang… today I am going to touch on a subject that always use to drive me crazy until I was able to figure it out for myself.

When you are recruiting into your network marketing business can you hit the warm market wall… where to find propsects for your network marketing business

Meaning can you run out of people in your warm market to share your network marketing opportunity with?

Now before you think the answer is obvious and is a big resounding “YES” you absolutely can…

…give some thought to the fact that there are numerous 6 & 7 figure income earners who swear up and down and honestly believe that you can not run out of your warm market.

You see there are some network marketers out there who will tell you that everyone knows this many people and that many people and there is no way that you have spoken to them all about your network marketing opportunity…

… and they will not believe that you have no matter what you tell them.  I know because this happened to me with my upline years ago!


Why would they say this and actually believe this?

I can assure you it is not because they are bad people….

but in my opinion it is because they have simply forgot what it was like starting out in a new network marketing business…\

…and because they have been around for quite some time and have had some decent success they were able to build their recent network marketing opportunities simply by contacting the people they know!


Makes you stop and think doesn’t it?

Makes you wonder…  well if they did it speaking only to the people they know…  what the heck is wrong with me?

I am speaking to my warm market the same way they are speaking to theirs or at least the same way I am being to taught to…  what is my problem?

I must be a loser…  I QUIT!

See this is where I get fired up…

I hate to see people quit because they believe they are not cut out for network marketing simply because they did not make it to the top of their company on just their warm market…

And all that they are missing here is “the other part of the equation”….

You see what you are not hearing is that these “warm market successful” network marketers have massive contact lists….

Quality quality quality contact lists…

In a lot of cases they know more professional network marketers then us every day people know real people.

On top of that people look up to them because they are leaders, 6 -7 figure income earners and trainers in this industry…  they have massive credibility and influence!

Meaning when they speak people listen and people take action and as a result they do not have to share their opportunity with as many prospects as the average person does.

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So relax!!!   This is very good news!

Why Is this good news?

Because It means you can do this…

Here is why….

Because even those warm market only super stars who have been around for years started somewhere…

…and I can promise you they did not make it to the top on just the people they knew when they first got started with their network marketing opportunities oh so many years ago!!

Having said all of that, here is where I throw you a curve ball…  🙂

In the end they are to an extent 100% correct…you will build this business and your success in your warm market!


What??  Now I am confused Robb….

How is this possible with what you just said you might ask?

Simply because you are going to constantly be expanding your warm market on a daily bases!!

Everyone you ever speak with or come in contact with no matter what method of recruiting you are using, does indeed have to become to an extent part of your warm market before you will recruit them into your business.

…it is called building Relationships!

Because in the end, when it comes to recruiting, people are not going to join you in your business until they are comfortable with YOU…

….until they know you

… until they have established that you can help them reach their goals

In essence until they have become part of your new warm market.


So the key is to learn how to develop rapport and relationships with people…

Now this process of developing relationships with people to the point that your relationship is strong enough for you to consider them part of your warm market varies in time from prospect to prospect…

I could meet someone and in 1 – 2 minutes have developed enough rapport to consider them part of my warm market….  or it could take months or years.

And it varies depending on you, and the person as well as the marketing methods you are using to meet new people…

Yuppers… I said marketing method… because meeting new people is marketing yourself!


Network Marketing is a Marketing Business…

And in my personal opinion it makes no difference what marketing methods you use to expand your warm market as long as it works for you!

There are numerous methods out there that you can use to market your network marketing business by meeting people and developing relationships with them…

The most crucial thing is to get your business in front of as many people on an ongoing bases as you possibly can.

So focus on finding the recruiting methods that work for you and then do them for 18 or 24 or 36 or however many months it takes until you make it!!

For me I use a few different methods, but there is no question I LOVE the internet… and Attraction Marketing!

If you want to lean how to use the Internet to market your network marketing business… the following link will take you to the ONLY one place I recommend people go to learn this skill.

Learn to Market YOU online here!


Video – What to do After Your Warm Market is Tapped


Comment Below and let me know what your favorite cold market strategy is?


Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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FREE Report: How to Sponsor 7 - 12 New Reps Every Month!
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  1. Building relationships is key! Great take away and great blog post!

  2. I hate to see people quit on their dreams when the warm market doesn’t see the same vision they do. Great Post! Those people do come around, I agree about going into the cold market and creating a new circle. That’s how I found you! You’re awesome Robb. Keep up the great posts. Thank you.

  3. So what you are saying is that you learn to move cold market into warm market by developing relationship… Awesome Robb

  4. Great post! Buildi relationships to grow your warm market is what I call “warming up your cold market”. Great advice in here Robb! I definitely will have to read I again and again!

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