What To do: Daily Routine to Build Your MLM

What To do: Daily Routine to Build Your MLM

Hey gang…  are you confused with all of the methods available to you when it comes to building your network marketing business? What To do: Daily Routine to Build Your MLM

Not sure where to start and what to do each day?

Today I am going to share with you what I recommend you do at the very least to build your network marketing business.

But first lets do a quick Mindset check…

There is no magic overnight push button secret to success in MLM, it does not exist… if you are looking for that your journey is going to be painful and expensive.

Success in your Network marketing business takes 3-5 years of consistent daily action of following a routine.

One meaningful conversation followed by another… one meaningful piece of content followed by another, etc etc…

So Here Is What I Recommend For Ya…


1) Create 1 Piece of Content Daily

I recommend you commit to creating at least one piece of content daily…  this could be a video or a blog post.

If you do not have a blog do not sweat it… get in the habit of simply putting out one value based piece of content daily.

I recommend starting with a video… it is easy to do, everyone has a smart phone and the videos they make are just fine…

Learn something daily and then do a 3-5 minute video on what you learned… be sure to have a “Call to Action” at the end of the video.  Tell them what you want them to do… either friend you on facebook… leave a comment… visit your blog.. etc!

Post your video on Youtube and Facebook.

As you stay committed to providing value daily you are going to get people starting to pay attention to you and being “attracted” to you and eventually wanting to do business with you.


2) Meet 5 – 10 People Daily

This is network marketing gang… if you are looking and hoping to build a business with out conversing with people you are in the wrong business…

Your warm market, although without a doubt the place you MUST start when building your business it is not going to be enough to build a sustainable business for you…

…the key is to get into the habit of meeting new people… and developing relationships.

I personally use social media for this… sites like Facebook, Twitter and recently I have been playing with Instagram… but it is the wild west and lots of spammers on there… I call it “Instaspam”…  but you can still have some good conversations on there.

You can use a combination of offline and online for meeting people…

My friend Randy Gage use to always carry two quarters in the pocket of his pants…

…he would start the day with them in the right side pocket of his jeans and every time he met someone he would move a quarter to his left side pocket…

…he would not go home until both quarters had moved from his right pocket to his left pocket… i.e. he met 2 new people.


3) Prospect Everyday…

This means actually exposing people to your business every day.

There is an old saying in this business… “2 a day brings freedom my way”…

At the very very very least you need to share your business opportunity with 2 people a day.

To really crank up your momentum and get your business engines firing…  go to double figures… at least 10 people per day.

The only way your network marketing business is going to grow is by exposing your opportunity to people… the more the better.

I trust this post helped you out…

If so do me a favor and let me know in the comments section below  (and feel free to share this on facebook or twitter, thanks!)

(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)


To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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