What It Really Takes to Generate MLM Leads Online

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There is no question there is so much crap online when it comes to gooroo’s trying to sell you on the latest mlm leader generation trick that it can become down right beyond freaking frustrating trying to figure out where you should be focusing your time, energy and money.

Trust me I can relate, since about 2007 I have been involved in the online lead generation game…

Yes I call it a game because that is what it is… things are always changing and you need to be in the game playing the game to be able to stay on top of it.


2 Hot Strategies For Ya…

Today I am going to give you 2 methods I use and obviously recommend for generating mlm leads for your business…

But first it is crucial that you understand that NONE of these are over night tickets to the top of the world baby… are you lost in mlm lead generationnope no sir!

If you are still searching for that magic ticket to the top then you are not ready for this post and I feel really really bad for you, because you are still where I was about 6 years ago… still looking for that one little secret that will make life soooo much easier…

That will allow buckets and boats loads of crisp cold cash to come sailing into your life…

The reality there is no easy way! There real isn’t!

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Lead generation for your home based business is like anything else worthwhile…

=> It is hard (at first)…
=> It takes time (at first)…
=> It takes energy (at first)…
=> And it will take some of your money!

If you are not ready to dedicate and commit those things to mlm lead generation then shut’er down… go find a job you enjoy and pick up a hobby that will allow you to get some enjoyment out of life, because a home based business is NOT for you my friend!

But if you are committed, if you are dedicated, if you will stick it out no matter what then you can do tremendous freaking things online when it comes to building your home based business!

My Top 2 MLM Lead Generation Strategies:

1) Producing content… I strive to produce two pieces of content daily.

I like to blog and I also like to do videos… and these go hand in hand. When I blog I then do a video on the exact same topic. Makes it easy to get two pieces of content on the web in one shot.

I blog and video about things my target market would be interested… such as this post, “what it really takes to generate mlm leads online”.

And as I continue to amass an army of content on the internet I start to develop followers, who turn into fans, who turn into friends. And these follower/fan/friends start doing business with me!

The key is to produce very very good content, information that will help your target market find a solution to their problem!

Producing content takes time to get traction… you need to be prepared to stay in the game, producing content 5-7 times a week, for at least 18 – 24 months… YUP takes time… but in the end it is worth it because that content stays live forever and people will continue to keep finding it and YOU!


2) Connect live with people on Social Media Daily!

Yup this is active networking… actually getting out there and meeting and developing relationships with people online… real relationships!

Not spam… but friendships!

Social Media is a gold mine if you act like a real freaking human being and not some super hypie sleazy ass sales guy.

Go out and meet people… be a person people want to get to know… share cool, fun, educational, motivational stuff… and nurture the relationships…


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The key is to make friends with people who are already in your target market… do not try to convert someone to be your ideal customer or client if they are not already… it is too damn hard of work… focus on those who are already interested in what you do.

This can take about 15 minutes of your day… it is easy and it develops very powerful relationships!


There It Is, Now Get At It

So there you have it my 2 top favorite MLM lead Generation tips… and if you follow what I do online you will see me in action doing these two things.

There is no magic gang, it takes work, so settle in and be prepared to put in the time and before long you will be on track to where you want to go.


So What’cha Think?  Are you going to try 1 or both of these mlm lead generation strategies?  If so do me a favor and let me know in the comment section below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. As always Robb great content and value…. thanks for sharing…

  2. Great content Robb, and I completely agree that creating content and value for other people is one of the best ways to attract more prospects to you.

    Thanks for sharing,

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