Week 2 Naturally Massive Done & Results are In

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Week 2 Naturally Massive Done & Results are In

Alright… just wrapped up week 2 of my Naturally Massive journey… Robb Corbett Naturally Massive

And it is time to celebrate and reward myself… Greco Donair (If you do not know what a donair is you need to find out… stupid delicious!!)… plus garlic fingers and Samuel Adams Boston Lager beer!! (oh ya!)

One of the secrets to getting fit or losing weight… is to stay strict during the week and then on your day off go freaking nuts… reward the heck out of yourself… eat what you like, drink what you like… go wild!

If you have no idea what I am talking about when I say my Naturally Massive journey… and have not read my first 2 blogs posts on this, I recommend you start there.

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So How About Week 2 Robb?

Ok… just wrapped up week 2 in super duper fashion… by doing a stupid stupid leg work out… Robb Corbett on the beach

…the whole time I was doing the leg workout I was thinking… what am I doing?? It is Friday afternoon and I am working my legs… soooo not cool!

I hate working out my legs… always have… and as you can tell from the picture of me to the right… it is obvious… Mr Chicken legs… Colonel Saunders would be jealous!

BUT all that is about to change… because “Successful People Do What Unsuccessful People Will Not”!

So I am looking to build some serious muscle and that means leg muscle as well… so leg works out on Friday’s are here to stay!


So How About Your Week 2 Results Robb?

Ok you will recall that the first 2 weeks of the program are what Sebastian the programs creator calls the primary phase… but I call the leaning phase, as it is when you lean up…

And every 2 weeks you are back on the leaning phase to tighten up the muscle you gain from the 2 weeks of growth phase (which I start this week!).

Last week I had a 3 pound drop in weight… I was down to 242 from 245…

And I figured that was it… I had lost as much as I was going to lose and this week I would just maintain…

Nope… no sir… down another 2 pounds… actually it was 3 pounds...

BUT I am calling it 2… because I have ALWAYS prided myself on being a BIG BOY… and if I say I lost another 3 pounds that drops me into the 230’s (239)…

…and I have not been in the 230’s since I was about 8 years old… so saying 239  in my mind throws me back to my little pencil neck days!

So because of my EGO… I am saying I lost 2 pounds this week and weighed in at 240…

And since I am moving into the growth phase this week… I should just be heading up and up now!

Naturally Massive


Other Results I Noticed…

As for other results… I am seeing lean muscle like I have not seen before…

I am feeling stronger and lifting more also…

…besides the work out he has me on… and the nutritional program I am following… a big reason for the gain in strength… is that with Sebastian’s Naturally Massive program you document in a journal what you lifted from week to week which allows you to push yourself to do more each work out… instead of guessing at what you should be lifting… (I have found this very helpful)


I Confess I am Still Cheating Somewhat

You will recall last week I mentioned I had cheated a wee little bit…

…and I still did this week!

I did add the coconut oil to my diet, which allowed me to increase my healthy fat to the level it needed to be…. (Sebastian tells me coconut oil also increases your testosterone levels naturally… which is a GREAT thing for building muscle)

I did not as of yet start taking the glutamine supplement… Since I am moving into the Growth Phase this week, I will wait until the banana_breadnext Leaning Phase to take it… unless it is required in the Growth Phase (I have not checked yet).

And… one night this week I ate almost a whole loaf of homemade banana bread on my own… oh man was it good!

And somehow I still lost a freaking 2 – 3 pounds!!

I am also AT THIS POINT… only working out 5 days a week… instead of 6 as Sebastian recommends in his program…

I am going to speak with him to confirm I can still see significant results 5 days a week… I am quite confident I can… as I already have…

I am still doing all the recommended exercises… but what I did instead of working out 6 days a week… the last 6th day is cardio and abs… I simply added them in with one of the 5 days I was doing… included them with other exercises.

The reason I am only doing 5 days is …. it is all I FREAKING want to do!

I did try last week to go on the weekend and just said this is stupid… and not for me…

…I want to relax around the house, hang out with my family… and so I did!


For me these days life is about balance…

I am not competing for a Body Building show and never intend to… there is no way I am ever going to parade around a stage in my teeny weenny polka dot bikini bottom… (some would call it a banana hammock… but that is a bit too crude so I will stick with bikini bottom!!)

I got a ton of respect for the guys that do it… But not going to happen for this guy…

So my goal is to just get in the best shape possible… working out 5 days a week and following the nutrition program 5-6 days a week…


So Robb Who Do You Recommend This Program For Now? 

Great question…

…definitely not for people who just want to lose weight… (this is the program you want to use to just lose weight => Click Here to Lose WeightNaturally Massive testimonial 1

Definitively not for people who are just looking to keep their heart healthy and stay relatively fit…

But definitely for people who want to build muscle… who want to look smoking hot on the beach… and become seriously healthy… I believe you can do this following the program 5 days a week… I will check with Sebastian on this and he may kick me in the ass for saying it… and if so I will update you in the next blog post.

AND this is most definitely for people who want to look like they compete in body building shows… or who want to compete in body building shows.

(Check out the success story above!)


Onto The Growth Phase

Alright… pretty jacked up about this next 2 weeks of the program…

The “Turning Into The Incredible Hulk Phase”!

Check back in next week to see how I make out!

Want to join me on this journey of getting in crazy good shape? It is fun and not hard… if I can do it, you can do it…

If so learn more about it here… Clicking Here!


Hey You… Ya You! 🙂 Did you find this post helpful? If so please do me the favor by letting me know in the comments below (add more value if you like) and share the good word on facebook and twitter… (thanks!)

Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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