Week 1 Results on Naturally Massive

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Week 1 Results on Naturally Massive

Alright… week 1 is in the bag and wanted to give you guys an update.

First off… let me say after having completed the first week that this program is for people who are serious about getting into solid shape. It is not for people who are looking to just stay healthy or just to lose weight.

If you are looking to just lose weight or stay healthy I would recommend Sebastian’s other program… “The Fat Burn Truth”

Secondly… this being my first week I cheated a bit… It is a 6 day a week program and I am only doing 5 days this week… BECAUSE tomorrow is cardio day and my legs are so dang sore from working them out yesterday that there is simply no way I can run tomorrow… (I can barely even walk today lol)

Plus on this program you get 1 day off a week from the meal plan… if you start on Monday that means your day off is Sunday. I want my day off on Saturday so I am starting the program this coming week on Sunday. Keep this in mind if you start this program….

And Thirdly… when it came to the meal plan I was still getting use to it. It is not hard to follow but it is an adjustment… my intake of healthy fat is not where it should be… and I did not take any glutamine; which is a supplement Sebastian recommends on this part of the program… I am correcting both of these issues.

Naturally Massive


So How About Your Week 1 Results Robb?

Now here is the very very cool thing…

Although I did not follow the program to the letter this week (although very close)…

I am down 3 pounds… from 245 to 242!

And the wild thing is I was eating more then I was on my previous program…


Hold On Robb I Thought You Were Suppose To Be Getting Massive?

Your right I am suppose to be and I am on my way…

So here is how this program works.

The first two weeks you are on what Sebastian calls the Primer part of the program… I would call it the Leaning portion of the program…

The next two weeks you are on the Growth part of the program…

So what happens is during the Growth you are going to put on 3-5 pounds… and then on the primer you will lose 1-2…

The 3-5 you gain on the Growth will be lean muscle and some fat…. so the 1-2 you are losing on the primer is the fat you gained on the Growth… so this means each month you are putting on 1-3 pounds of solid ripped muscle… which is very very cool and without a program like this very hard to do!

Some may not think that is a lot, but think about it if you do the program for 6 months, that is anywhere from 6 to 18 pounds of solid ripped muscle… Plus don’t forget the weight you were already carrying has now transformed from flab into muscle!


So Robb Do You Like The Program So Far?

Yes I do…

It is intense but not hard…

I am in and out of the gym within 30-45 mins… Sebastian MacLean Naturally Massive

The meal plan is not hard to follow, it is very straight forward and you eat foods that you are probably already eating.

And I know it works… as I mentioned in my first post “Time to Get Massive Muscles Naturally“… Sebastian is my old business partner and one of my best friends… he knows the ins and outs of body building better then anyone I know.

Check out his picture on the right… pretty obvious he knows what he is talking about!

So that is it for this week… I will be back with my results from next week!

If you want to learn more about the Naturally Massive program or want to join me on this muscle building adventure you can get information on it by Clicking Here!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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