Warning… Sooner or Later WILL Get You!

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Warning… Sooner or Later WILL Get You!

How many times have we all said it? “Sooner or Later I’m going to… (feel free to fill in the blank)”

Sooner or Later gang becomes never!!

People who live on “Some Day Island” stay there and never take the action required to start them on the journey to where deep down they want to go.

They end up stuck being content with mediocrity, content with just surviving and never thriving. Shaq-Dr-ONeal-quote-someday--

I am often asked myself why is that? Why do people not put the effort forward to realize their dreams. Why do people settle into the daily grind of just getting by?

I believe Tony Robbins explained that the answer to this, is as people our lives are guided by “Pain verses Pleasure”.

People naturally try to stay away from things that they perceive as being painful and are attracted to pleasure.

You see success takes work, effort, time away from the TV, etc… to some this is too painful.

They would rather watch TV now, because it gives them pleasure and is not as painful as trying to start a business, or take a course at night school to better themselves.

They would rather spend all of their money on what they want now instead of investing it, because saving money is painful, and they would rather have the pleasure of buying that new pair of jeans!

However the successful people are willing to make the sacrifice, they are willing to put the time in now so they can have everything they want later.

They have vision to realize that the pain associated with becoming a big success is only temporary and the rewards can last a life time.

So how about you? Are you willing to start to feel the pain a bit in order to reach your goals and dreams?

Remember the old saying “No Pain No Gain”!

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Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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