Warning – American Idol is Not Your Friend

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Warning – American Idol is Not Your Friend

Everyday people wake up with GREAT intentions… they are going to start working out… they are going to spend more time with their kids… they are going to start working part time on a business…. etc etc…

But then they get home from work, feed their family and immediately turn to the dream stealing machine we call the… Television… Tv… or good ol’boob tube!

They plunk themselves down for a little rest in front of this contraption… and zoooommmm… before you know it the night is gone!

Can we say bye bye motivation…. bye bye inspiration…. bye bye goals…

Instead of spending time working towards their dreams and aspirations tonight….. millions and millions of people will now be american idol killing your successlocked down, bag of chips and big glass of coke in hand…. glued to the boob tube watching American idol or whatever else traps them… watching others live their dreams…. as their own disappear into the mind numbing land of TV!!

It is very true that the road to success is a toll road…..

Has the thought of having to pay the price stopped you from achieving your goals…… of living the life of your dreams?

Are you too caught up in what you would have to give up in the short term to gain a lifetime of fulfillment, excitement & enjoyment?

Are you more concerned about who Simon is going to tear down tonight then creating a lifestyle of abundance for your family??

Is the price that has to be paid stopping you?

If so, stop for a minute…… Take that whole concept and switch it around….

This is what should really be scary to you…..

“The Price Of Not Making It Happen”…..

What happens if you don’t go for it…. what happens if you do not at least give it your all?

I will tell you what will happen and I know this will not make me popular with most……….

==> When it comes to not sticking with your exercise and healthy eating plan….. Sickness is the price you will pay….

==> When it comes to not spending that time with your kids doing family activities….. A dysfunctional family is the price you will pay…

==> When it comes to not getting started on an investment plan… you will never be able to retire and will be working as a walmart greeter into your 70’s.

==> When it comes to not starting a part time business…….

You end up living a life of…. “I wonder If….. I wonder if I had of only tried….. What would my life be like today”…

You live a life of quiet desperation….. on the inside knowing there is more, but not having enough get up and go in you to make it a reality……

really just surviving and never thriving……., basically being a passenger on this ride called life instead of the driver…..

going where it takes you instead of charting your own course…….

Yes gang there is a steep price that needs to be paid for success….. however it is nowhere near the price that you will pay for never trying…

pay the price-of-success

My advice for those who really want change …. jump into the drivers seat….. grab a hold of that wheel and drive it hard…… go out and create your own American idol story!!!

Why not, it is much better then the alternative…

Be Great In This Life!

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Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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