Wake Up and Become the Real You

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Wake Up and Become the Real You

We all have thoughts (dreams) of what our life should look like. What the perfect happy life would be like. These thoughts are at their base form energy.

And energy wants to move, it wants to manifest itself… it wants to turn your dreams wake up and live your lifeand goals into your reality… it wants to help you create your perfect life… it is trying to shape you into who you really are… to help you realize your destiny.

But if you don’t act on this energy flow… if you work against it… if you try to prevent it from happening, then just like a river it will simply find another route to take…

… but instead of taking you where you are suppose to go… you will get off track… the river of life will go from a peaceful fun filled and exciting journey into a turbulent, bumpy and dangerous ride!

If you do not go in the direction that you were made to go… you will not be happy… you will be frustrated, stressed, angry, and irritable.

Your choice to fight who you are, and to contain your energy most likely will result in depression, sickness or a feeling of worthlessness.

So why not listen to your dreams… listen to your inner voice… hear what it is saying to you… who it is telling you that you are suppose to become… and then channel the energy into creating the happy and fulfilled life you were destined to live?

This is your journey… this is your life… this is your one chance to become what you were meant to become… your one chance at happiness… why not follow that path… chart your course… sail your river?

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Remember that song “I did it my way”… I believe Frank Sinatra wrote and sang it… but all I can remember is Kermit the Frog Signing it… regardless… doing it your way is the only way to live a fulfilled and happy life… the only way.

Be honest with yourself… listen to the voice in your head that is saying… why the hell aren’t you doing THIS (whatever this is for you)… that is who you are suppose to be!

As long as you try to impress and live the life that others think you are suppose to live you will be unhappy.

As long as you try to please your parents, your boss, your spouse, by being the person THEY think you should be, you will never live a happy life.

Now some may say is this not being selfish?

I say that in order to help other people you must be selfish… you must be the best you can be in order to help others.



=> Who can help the poor more… a wealthy person or a broke person? Of course the person who followed their heart and went out and created a fortune can help more people then the person who never chased after their dream.

=> Who can be more kind to people? The person who is happy and fulfilled because they are who they are suppose to be? Or the person who is depressed and frustrated because they are living the life “others” think they should?

Be who you are suppose to be first… and then you will as a result help more people!

Life is like being an actor… we all wear costumes… but the only one that is going to fit you is the one that is made for you, the one that is your size… as long as you are trying to wear someone else’s costume you will not be comfortable.

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How can you know you are following your destiny… that you are going after the life you were meant to live? go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

It is simple… your mind is at peace… the questions in your head have stopped… your mind is no longer telling you that you should be doing something else… you have energy, you are excited, life is fun to live… you are happy!

But as long as you continue to hear the voice in your head telling you that you are on the wrong path and should be doing something else… it means you have not gotten on your path yet!

You are living the life that someone else was meant to live and not you!

Life is a big puzzle… you are a piece of the puzzle and your true self only fits into one spot on the puzzle… you can not force the wrong piece into the wrong spot!

Listen to the soft voice in your head… find your right place in life… the moment the voices of frustration and anger stop in your head you will know you are on the right path to happiness in life… your real journey will have begun!

Let go and go for it!


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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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