Using Social Media for Recruiting Locally

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Using Social Media for Recruiting Locally

Social Media = powerful powerful powerful! recruiting locally on facebook network marketing

I can remember years ago, back around 2006 when I first discovered MySpace… it turned into a gold mine for me and my network marketing business.

I was pumped, here was a way I could sit in my boxer shorts on my computer and go out and meet people all around the world…

Prospects were everywhere and I recruited some goodies!

Flash forward 9 years and has social media ever taken over our society…  my parents are on social media for Pete’s sake… everyone is on social media.


Talk about a gold mine…

IF…  IF…  you are using it correctly!

Because if you are not it can also spell the end of your network marketing career… you can easily be labelled a spammer or one of those MLM Junkies if you are not careful!

And the problem is that most network marketers are using tools like Facebook and instagram and twitter ALL wrong…

So today I am going to show you very quickly how to use Facebook to help you recruit locally!


There Are Two Things You Need To Understand:

1) Where to find people in your local area on facebook

2) And how to communicate with them.

Lets dxive into how to find them first.

This part is easy so do nto over complicate it…

It is called friends of friends!

If you are on facebook you already have some friends who are from your local area… simply go to their profile and look at their friends list.

And start connecting with their friends.

Either add them as a friend… or follow them and they will most likely add you as a friend…  like some of the things on their wall… this way you stand out to them, they see you and will likely add you as a friend.

You can also do a search for groups in your area.  At the top of yoru search bar simply type in yoru City or town and different groups will show up.


As for communicating with them…


Do not throw your business links at them… do not throw your business links all over your profile.

Imagine that Facebook is like going to a party…

If you ran around the party selling your business opportunity to everyone at the party they would very quickly kick you out!

Instead build relationships… talk to people… get to know them… like things on their profile… comment on their profile… post interesting and fun things on your profile…


Then and only when you have a relationship can you approach them about your business opportunity…

Once you are friends…  you can message them and say something like…

“Hey JOHN, It has been great getting to know you… I am just curious and really just throwing it out there but would you be interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are presently doing”?

That’s it…

Keep it simple, develop relationships and have fun and you can build a CRAZY big network marketing business in your local market on Facebook!


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(Here is the Video version of this training for you movie buffs!)

To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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