Turn Your Motivation into Success Producing Momentum

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Turn Your Motivation into Success Producing Momentum

The hardest part of achieving a goal for most people is getting into action (getting started). momentum produces success

Sure many people will talk about what they are going to do, they will dream about realizing their goals and they may even put a plan in place.

But when it comes to getting started on working their plan they have a hard time getting going.

Setting goals and putting the plan in place to achieve them are important steps to your success, however they can also be deceiving…

…because they make you feel like you are actually doing something in regards to moving forward!

However if you get stuck in this stage for too long and never actually take that first step forward, then these goals and plans mean nothing.

Instead of “Ready, Aim, Fire… it would be better for some people if they “Fired, Ready Aim”… (got into action first!)

Because in order to see any progress at all, you have to take that bold step outside of your comfort zone… you have to do that thing that is holding you back, you have to get into action!

Action without a plan is 100 times better then a plan without action!!



It is Not ALL Roses When You First Step Out of Your Comfort Zone…

So what happens when most people muster up enough courage to step out of their comfort zone and start taking some action?

They very quickly begin to realize that reaching their goals is not going to be a cake walk.

To many it feels as if it is a constant uphill battle getting their business/plan moving.

They run into the obstacles that are in their way, they hit the bumps in the road, the twists and turns show up… and it takes all of their energy to stay motivated to keep on keeping on.

This is when most people quit!

They lie to themselves and say that the “timing is not right” at the moment for them to achieve their dreams. But they promise themselves they will give it another go again soon.

Or even worse they convince themselves that the people who are successful must have something more then they do.

That successful people are lucky.

That yes those people can have success but not them. They decide that just living a mediocre life is all they are cut out for.

They convince themselves that they really tried, they gave it their all, but they failed and that success is simply not for them and they are not going to try any more.

never quit on your goals


Don’t Lie to Yourself… Give It A Try Again… But Harness The Power of Momentum

Do not buy into this lie.

Failure is part of the process, everyone fails on their way to success. This does not have to be the end of your dream.

You can allow yourself to dream again and give it another go…

However this time around go into action with a little secret weapon at your side called “Momentum”!

The beginning stage of any plan is the hardest stage… It is like pushing a rock up the hill… it takes a lot of effort to get anything worthwhile started.

Most people quit at this point, because it is HARD and in their mind they think it will always be hard.

What they don’t understand is that each positive step they take forward is going to compound on each other…

With each step they take Momentum is going to start to build… just like that Rock you are pushing the more you push it the easier it is going the-compound-effect-darren hardyto get as it starts to roll… the hardest part is getting it to roll.

And eventually what happens is that your little secret weapon we talked about called Momentum starts to take over…

And once it takes over you discover that you do not have to push as hard to get the business moving… the process becomes fun… things start going your way… some might even say it becomes easier!

There is a GREAT book by Darren Hardy called the Compound Effect It explains how your little actions will build on each other and eventually get you to a point that success easily comes your way.

I highly recommend reading it no matter what your goal is… you can check it out by clicking here.


So How Can YOU Get Momentum Working For YOU?

This can absolutely happen for you.

Success is really not hard. It is just a matter of continuing to take action no matter what and never letting yourself quit.

One day you will wake up and realize that Momentum has kicked in… that all of your actions have compounded on themselves and things are now really starting to roll for you!

If you work hard enough and long enough, there is no question that Momentum WILL eventually happen for you.!

Momentum is not rocket science… it is no mystery how and when it will show up. The more you do sooner and faster it will show up.

The only reason why momentum may take some time to happen for you is that you are taking baby steps toward your goal. You are not all in yet!

And that is ok as long as you are ok with how long the process will take by going slow.

But if you want to reach your goals faster and get momentum cranking for you sooner… simply take more action!!

I have always found that the best way to achieve my goals is out of the gates take massive action, get things really moving, use lots of energy and then once the compound effect and momentum take hold you can allow yourself to ease off a bit.

This gets you through the hardest part of a the success stage which is the beginning stage.

It makes achieving your goal much easier on your mind, and it will keep you motivated to see the plan through to the end!


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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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