Top 5 Excuses For Being Out of Shape

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Top 5 Excuses For Being Out of Shape

Not working out and not eating well? Think your excuse is justified?

Let’s find out… no-more-excuses-for not working out

So why aren’t you eating well or exercising? Most of us when asked that question rattle off a bunch of excuses like “Well it was the weekend,” or “It’s just so expensive!” We come up with excuse after excuse to justify our weakness…

Hopefully this message will start you on the path of busting out of the bad habit of using excuses that push you farther and farther away from your goal.

Excuse #1: “Reading nutrition labels is too confusing!”

You don’t need to walk around with an encyclopedia on healthy eating or a calculator to add up calories to understand the basics of nutrition and what it means to have balance in your life.

However, it does help to try and read information about these things to keep you informed on healthy choices.

Using labels in the grocery store should not be a stressful task, nor should you count everything before you buy it, but labels SHOULD be used as a guide to choosing a healthy product over another high sodium, fat plugged, highly refined product.

Stick to the outskirts of your grocery store… there you will find the healthy, raw natural foods that your body needs to sustain healthy levels of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Don’t worry about everything adding up perfectly, look at the labels as something to give you perspective on your food intake.


Excuse #2: “Joining a Gym is too expensive”

Right away, you should forget the idea that you can get a gym membership for 10 bucks! It’s not going to happen.

But this should not stop you… The health and wellness industry is a huge industry that grows daily supplying people with many options for weight loss and working out…

Start with eating that balanced and nutritious diet and then for a work out start with free activities such as running and walking outdoors.

It’s all about getting creative and willing yourself to make the time to get out, get active and get results!

If you have a goal, then you also need a plan, and when creating your plan you have options…

If you don’t have the money for a gym membership create your own workout…

Creativity breeds motivation and visa-versa.

Create a walking/jogging route, find a park bench somewhere to do some push ups or tri-cep dips. Do some chin ups from a tree branch, etc, etc.

Get a group to do it with you, all of a sudden you are losing weight and empowering those around you with your creative and simple Plan to BE BETTER!


Excuse #3: “My cravings are out of control, I have been so good all week!”

Hey, Newsflash! An entire week of balanced, clean eating can be literally wiped away with indulging on junk food all weekend!

The problem is that the whole “forbidden fruit” notion surrounding dieting only makes your cravings more frequent and at a higher intensity.

Your diet plan should make sense and be as enjoyable as possible. Don’t restrict yourself from your favorite stuff entirely.

Is it chocolate that you are craving? Then find the best quality dark chocolate out there and enjoy a savory ounce of it, then put it away.

Portion control is the key… it is important when portioning out healthier food options and it is obviously important when having those “not so healthy” options.

Don’t sabotage an entire week of control in a few days of uncontrolled eating… instead add a few of your favorite things into your plan and the cravings will slow down and disappear.

Plus it is ok to have one day a week were you eat and drink whatever you like… just be sure to drink lots of water the next couple of days to flush out your system.


Excuse #4: “I worked out today so I can have more calories”

To an extent, this is true. If you are active, you do need more calories, but more of the right calories.

The key is to find your balance of calories in vs calories out… and to create a calorie deficit for weight loss.

It’s literally impossible to do that if you are gobbling up an entire pizza after an awesome workout.

If you are burning 500 calories a day, you can probable have that glass of wine before bed.

“Discretionary calories,” are those that give you a little leeway when it comes to portioning your daily intake; but they don’t give you the liberty to eat everything, whenever you want.


Excuse #5: “I don’t have time to eat healthy and/or workout.

First of all it takes just as much time to make an unhealthy meal as it does a healthy meal, with a little creativity of course.

If you know that you have a hectic schedule you MUST plan ahead in order to be successful.

You wouldn’t just stroll into an important business meeting having done no preparation, nor can you expect to get to your goal weight and maintain it if you do not have a plan.

Making the commitment to yourself to make time for food preparation should be just as important as it is to make time for your friends and family.

You MUST make yourself and your health a priority or what good will you be to those around you who need a healthy mom, dad, brother or sister?

Make eating healthy and getting some form of exercise everyday a top priority in your life and you will be well on your way to a more fit and happy lifestyle.


Final Thoughts: Hopefully this message has challenged you to take control of your lifestyle and to make yourself a top priority when it comes living a healthy lifestyle…

Sit down and write a list of your priorities, if you are not in top 3, rearrange your priorities so that you are. Eat clean, learn to indulge sensibly and get active…its really that easy!

“The inevitable truth is that putting yourself first when it comes to health, long term means ensuring you can be the best person you can be for everyone else in your life that matters to you.

Be the best for you so that you can be the best for others!

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