Tomorrow’s Happiness Begins Today

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Tomorrow’s Happiness Begins Today

Bottom line is if you wish to be happy tomorrow you had better start working on being happy today. what you do today can improve all your tomorrows

Most people actually waste their whole lives just waiting for happiness to show up; and the sad part is it never does.

Other people will work hard towards searching for it, but the problem is they end up focusing all of their energies on only 1 part of the happiness equation.

For some it could be creating Wealth! They spend their life trying to build wealth but end up discovering that money alone will not bring them the happiness they seek, and by the time they realize this it is too late for them.

Happiness is a balance of many aspects of your life… It is not the size of your bank account alone, and for some money may not even be in their happiness equation.

Each of us needs to work on making our own lives happy and not think it will happen by fate alone; or that someone else being in our lives is the key to our happiness.

The following Happiness Quote is awesome…

“If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.”

To create a happy life, we must come to understand where happiness comes from.

And the answer is “from Within Ourselves”

When we take a look at ourselves in a mirror it shows us what we look like. However when we close our eyes and focus on memories of ourselves it shows us who we believe ourselves to be.

The biggest differences between the reflection in the mirror that we see and our Memories of ourselves is that you can change your appearance quickly, however your memories will always be there.

So in order to change who we believe ourselves to be we have to start creating more positive and happy memories of ourselves…

We have to reprogram our mind and subconscious.

We do this by working on ourselves, through self improvement and personal development. We have to work on our inner self and not just our outer.

See most people spend lots of time each and every day trying to improve their outer appearance, how they look… they will buy new clothes, get a new hair due, go for a tan, etc.

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But these same people spend little to no time working on the inner person… and the irony is the inner person is by far the most important component to living a happy life.

A new outfit might make you happy for an day… but a new positive outlook on life can make you happy for life. every thought we think is creating our future - louise hay quote

If you truly wish to be happy tomorrow, then you must becareful what you focus on today. You must intentionally start programming your mind to create a happy tomorrow.

We do this by changing our mindset. We do this by re-programming our thoughts. What your mind takes in on a regular basis, the exterior you will become.

If you spend time reading books or watching YouTube videos on gardening, come spring time I can promise you that you will be planting flowers.

What you focus on expands into your real world.

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Want to be happy and have a positive attitude, you have to intentionally program your mind for this.

You have to turn off the negative stuff (TV, News, Negative friends who complain and gossip)… and you have to replace that space in your mind with positive life changing material.

It takes effort to reprogram yourself, but the results will start to show in your life… your attitude will change… your outlook on life will improve… you will become a happier person.

Here are just a few tips to start reprogramming your mind:

=> Spend time reading positive material when you wake up in the morning… (I of course recommend this blog, sign up for our updates on side of this page)

=> Driving to work turn off the garbage news or silly music and put on some life changing self help audio programs…

=> Before you go to bed at night, read 5-10 pages of a self improvement, personal development book, this will program your mind for positive happy thoughts at night.

Here are a selection of books I recommend for this!

Everyone wants to like the reflection of themselves they see when they look in the mirror… but to be truly happy you have to start working on changing the inner “REAL” you.

Remember the outer you reflects who you are really are… I.e. the Inner you!

Start working on the real you today and a happy life is just around the bend!


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