Time To Get Massive Muscles (Naturally)

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Time To Get Massive Muscles (Naturally)

I have always been a fan of working out and lifting weights. For most of my adult life I have worked out in some fashion or another.

And there have been times in my life when I have really put on some significant muscle.

However over the last few years I have contented myself with just staying in shape for health reasons and did not have a goal of building a significantly muscular physic.

Which by the way is great…

Being healthy is the key… staying health is extremely important. If you do not have your health you really do not have anything.

If you are not healthy you will not have the desire, or energy to be able to excel in other areas of your life.

Me in Cuba May 2014, two weeks before starting the Naturally Massive program.

Me in Cuba May 2014, two weeks before starting the Naturally Massive program.

So the workouts I have been doing for the last few years have been excellent and have keep me feeling healthy and have given me the energy to keep on keeping on. But they have not been designed to turn me into a muscle man!

As you can see from my picture I stay in OK shape, but I know I can do much better…

However now I am up for a challenge… I want more and am ready to get in rocking shape!

I have made it my goal to pack on some muscle and go for it.

I have made the decision I am going to really crank up the muscle building potential of my body and see what I can do within the next 6 months.

Some of you may know that I use to own a weight loss company called Inches Weight Loss.

I started this company and designed the weight loss program. I then went out and brought on two business partners to help me build the business and perfect the program I designed.

One of my business partners and best friends, a incredible guy by the name of Sebastian MacLean is an all natural body builder. He has won many body building competitions, been written about in muscle magazine, created his own TV show, as well as a award winning documentary on body building… and also trained many other award winning body builders.

Long story short this guy knows his stuff when it comes to building muscle…

Sebastian MacLean the creator of Naturally Massive.

Sebastian MacLean the creator of Naturally Massive.

And luck for me he has also written and created a muscle building program called “Naturally Massive”!

The idea behind his program manipulating (in a good way) your body’s muscle building potential by eating and working out in such a way that your body will experience very similar gains in muscle as those people who take performance enhancing drugs (i.e. steroids).

But of course without taking any drugs, and by eating in a healthy fashion. I am not going to try and explain all the research and rational for how his programs manipulates your body to do this, because it is in depth…

But the really cool thing is program is not!

It is a very simple program and one that have created some incredible success stories from.

So long story short… I am starting his program… I have been wanting to for a few years now but the time was never right… But now I am up for the challenge.

My plan is to document my journey, and keep you posted on what I think of the program and the results I experience from it. So check back in from time to time and see how I am making out with it.

(you can follow my journey on this page here)

Time to get MASSIVE (naturally!!)

In the mean time you can check out Sebastian’s program by CLICKING HERE if you want more info on it and what I will be going through

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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