Think & Grow Rich – Three Feet From Gold

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Think & Grow Rich – Three Feet From Gold

Hey gang welcome to today’s post… We are continuing on with our lessons learned from Napoleon Hills’ great book Think & Grow Rich.

Yesterday we looked at the first part of Chapter 2 – Thoughts are Things. Today we are going to look at the next section of Chapter 2 which is called “Three Feet From Gold”.

It is the story of Darby and his uncle who went chasing after gold Colorado. They stuck gold and were told it was one of the richest strikes ever.

However a funny thing happened, after a few loads were taken out of the ground the strike suddenly dried up and they could not find any more gold. Long story short they tried and tried and could not find any more gold, so they gave up and quit.

However the man they sold their mining equipment too, brought in an expert and they found the gold only Three Feet from where Darby and his uncle had quit. Pulling out millions of dollars worth of Gold.

This is by far one of the best lessons to take from Think and Grow Rich…

Most people who have gone onto to success will tell you that the success showed up just after they had a major setback and almost quit.


You see unsuccessful people have a bad habit of quitting when the going gets rough…

… of giving up when they are met with temporary defeat!

What they do not realize is that this temporary defeat, or set back is part of the deal…

God has created this universe in such a way as to test you…

Success comes to those who pass the test.

Life will always always always get in the way of your success… it is part of the deal!

You need to look at failures as practices shots.

They are your education… your training grounds!

They mold you into the person you must become in order to become the successful person you wish to become.

Napoleon Hill’s friend Darby actually learnt this lesson the hard way, but instead of giving up and never trying anything again, he learnt the lesson and went on to become one of the most successful insurance sales men in history… earning himself a fortune because he never again gave up when faced with temporary defeat or difficulties.

The lesson is to decide what you want… put a plan in place to get it… and work your plan until you arrive at your goal… No Matter What!!

You can get a copy of Think & Grow Rich by clicking the following link…

Think and Grow Rich: The Original 1937 Unedited Edition

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