Think & Grow Rich – Thoughts are Things

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Think & Grow Rich – Thoughts are Things

Today we are taking a look at Chapter 2 of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

This chapter is called “Thoughts are Things”!

Most of these chapters in this book are jammed full of incredible success nuggets. This one is no different, so I will end up doing a few reviews on this chapter, picking it apart bit by bit to make sure you get all of the success tips and strategies you possibly can.

The first part of chapter 2 of Think & Grow Rich is about Edwin C. Barnes and his journey towards reaching his goal of going into business with Thomas A. Edison.

The beginning of this chapter starts out with one of my favourite paragraphs in the whole book…

“Truly “thoughts are things”. And powerful things, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material objects”.

Remember Napoleon Hill indicated the secret of success would be revealed over 100 times through out this book?

Well here is one of those times. “Definiteness of purpose, persistence, burning desire”.  Napoleon-Hill-Definiteness-of-Purpose

Long story short this part of chapter 2 is all about Mr. Barnes having this goal of working with Thomas Edison and how he goes about making it happen.

Sure he has ups and downs on this journey like every person does on their way to achieving any worthwhile goal. But in the end Mr Barnes is successful in partnering with the great Thomas Edison and due to his eventual partnership and determination he goes on to become a very successful and wealthy person.

The lesson here is that regardless of what your goal is you can reach it if…

… that is if you know exactly what you want!

And then if you are determined to work toward it and reach it no matter what life throws at you.

See there is a major difference between successful people and unsuccessful people.

The difference is in my opinion the reason why people become a success or not.

Unsuccessful people are not committed… they tell them themselves either consciously or unconsciously that they are going to “Try” something and see how it goes or whether it will work.

They then jump around trying different things, never committing to anyone thing long enough to see it to the end… they quit one thing as soon as the excitement wears off or the roads gets a bit bumpy…

Instead of finishing a home…. they leave foundations all over the place, but nothing more.

Where as successful people know exactly what they want to accomplish…

They may not know exactly how to achieve it starting out, but they know what their goal is…

… and they are committed to achieving it no matter what.

They are determined and will not stop pushing on to reach their goal and they have done so.

Success is not rocket science gang, it is simply a matter of deciding what you want, putting a plan in place to get it and then working that plan until you are succeed!

And if you have not done so yet… For the Love of Pete pick up a copy of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and read it over and over again!

You can get a copy of Think & Grow Rich by clicking the following link…

Think and Grow Rich: The Original 1937 Unedited Edition

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