The Top Paying MLM Skill Set To Develop

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The Top Paying MLM Skill Set To Develop!

Finish this sentence for me… “The fortune is in the____?”

Probably every single last honking one of you were able to finish that sentence. Network Marketing trainer Robb Corbett and the top paying mlm skill to develop

So then if we ALL know that the fortune is in the follow up why is it that no one does it?


The Fortune is in REAL Followup

And I am not just talking about calling your prospect back the one time after they watched your business presentation… (however it would shock you how many people don’t even do that!!)

What I am talking about is having an organized/structured follow up system for ALL your prospects!

Yup… even the one’s who said NO! (in fact most importantly for the one’s that said no!!)

The facts are when it comes right down to it, we are in sales! This is a sales business. Now it is not hard core sell sell sell sales, but it is sales.

And when it comes to sales it takes the average person AT LEAST 8 – 10 exposures to what you are selling before they will buy!


Network Marketing is No Different Gang!

The majority of people are NOT going to join your business after the first exposure, not even the 2nd, 3rd 4th or 5th… It will take most people 8 – 10 exposures before they join you!

But what do most Network Marketers do?

Well… they create a list of a few people… they call them up… they bumble through their pitch… the prospect says no… and THEN… we SCRATCH them off your list!

The worst part is this is a problem that originates in the leadership of organizations…. I can not tell you how many times at trainings events I have even heard the “Goo-Roo” at the front of the stage even say get through your list and scratch off the people who said no!


Do not do that.


How a Network Marketing Professional Follows Up

What you want to do is for anyone who says no, put them in your contact management system and follow up with them in 2 -3 months…

And keep doing this UNTIL they either tell you to never call them again OR they join your business!

And when you follow up every 2- 3 months, you do not have to beat them over the head with your business… you can send them a card, maybe invite them out for a coffee, send them an email, just give them a friendly call… just keep in touch, continue to develop and build that relationship.

This is what Network Marketing Professionals do …

This is what serious recruiters do…

This is what will pay you the BIG BUCKS in your MLM Business!!


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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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