The Secret to Network Marketing Recruiting

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If I could seriously get a penny for every time I am asked the question “What is the secret to success at network marketing recruiting”?

It cracks me up how people have themselves convinced that there is some secret that all of the top income earners must be holding back. the secret to network marketing recruiting

Like it is some sort of conspiracy to keep the little guy who does not know the secret down!  🙂


Your Success is in Your List…

When it comes to recruiting it all comes down to your prospecting LIST!

Your list is the foundation, the cornerstone, the end all and be all of your success in this industry.

Learn the skill set of creating & maintaining your very own on-going network marketing leads list and you are well on your way to the top!

In the end it really makes no difference how you do this…

…how you develop and continue to develop the leads list by adding people to it daily, as long as you are able to create a relationship with these prospects and then invite them to look at your opportunity you are set.

Now of course there are numerous methods you can use to build your list and there are hordes of network marketing trainings out there to help you do do.

The following are the 6 methods I use.


6 Powerful Network Marketing Recruiting Methods

1) Warm Market is still the best place to start Period!


2) Get out meet the people your business needs.  People who are successful already.  The best place to do this is your local chamber of commerce or board of trade after hours events.  Attend them and socialize and then become a business card collector.

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3) Keep your eyes out for sharp people!  LIVE LIFE my friend!  Get out there and do what you enjoy and simply keep an eye out for sharp people.


4) Ask for referrals!  When people say no to your business ask them for a few names of people who they know would be good at this.


5) Social Networking Sites: The social networking sites that are out there are awesome for meeting people. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube).

Make friends on them and develop relationships and when the time is right let them know about your opportunity.


6) Attraction Marketing:  Using the internet to attract prospects to you is an awesome long term strategy.  If you plan on being in Network Marketing for the long haul, I would recommend you start using this strategy now.

It takes time but it is worth it, because a network marketing lead that is contacting you and/or who have you a relationship with is the best lead you can ever have.  Somebody who wants what you have!

Here is where I recommend you learn Attraction Marketing


Just Do It… (Get Into Action)

The key to your  Network Marketing recruiting success is to simply do it!  Get out there and meet people, and get out there and invite them to look at your business.

Once you learn these skills you will be well on your way to becoming one of the top recruiters in your company!


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Comment Time…

In the comments section below, let me know your favorite method of meeting new prospects… share your knowledge with us!  🙂


Video – The Secret to Network Marketing Recruiting

Be sure to comment down below and let us know your top recruiting strategy…

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. robb … Man you hit the nail on the head brother. It’s all in the list!
    That is so awesome … This cures so many of the issues networkers have

    Great stuff – keep it coming

  2. 6 awesome tips….especially 5.. building relationships on the social networks… not blasting your links… great post Robb

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