The Secret to Happiness

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The Secret to Happiness

So what is Happiness and what does it mean to you AND how can you live it? the secret to happiness

It seems every magazine, talk show and book on the market these days is geared towards helping you live a happy life. How you can find it, live it and even explanations on what it is exactly.

The real truth of the matter is that unlike how Hollywood portrays it… happiness is not just for the rich and famous that get to live the good life.

Being happy has nothing to do with being lucky in life…

Happiness is not found in having the perfect physically fit body… it is not found on a beach in California… it is not even found in having that perfect relationship with a super model hottie.

However we are manipulated by the media, Hollywood and big business to think that happiness will just magically appear for us if we finally go out and blow the bank account by purchasing that new hot rod car… buy that newest outfit… go way above our means and own that fancy big house. Most people fall for the Hollywood, being happy is all about having that awesome love story relationship, skipping along through life with our perfect mate.

The result of this type of thinking is that we have become convinced that being happy is as a result of our surroundings; when in fact being happy is an internal thing, it is about you and not your “things” or another person.

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And this is where 95% of all of us have blown our chances of being happy in life…

The real secret to happiness success is realizing that it is simply a by product of focusing on creating the type of lifestyle that works for you.

some people pursue happiness.  others create it.

A life that you love to live.

This will be different from one person to the next… Happiness is not a one size fits all deal. Everyone is different and being happy for one person will be different for another.

Being happy is a result of living the life you want to live. Not living the life someone else or society has told you that you have to live. Being what you want, doing what you want, when you want.

Now the problem is that society has us all so programmed to think that this is not possible, that I can already here the groans coming through the computer.

Most of the people reading this will say things such as:

=>  I can’t leave my job to get my dream job because I need the income now, or I will have to go back to school.

=> I can’t move to a new home, because I can’t afford it, or we are settled and we can’t move the kids.

=> I can’t start working out and finally get the body I want, because I am too busy during the day and too tired at night.

=> I can’t start a business, become an actor, invent something, because those things are for other people and not me!

By thinking those things, you have immediately made my point… you are conditioned! Who tells you that you can’t be those things?

Have not other people done them? Do you really think they are magic people?

Happiness begins by understanding that YOU are in control of YOUR life; nobody else.

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Happiness becomes strengthened by starting to make the gradual changes in your life that you want.

=> Making the decision you will start researching how you can start that business around your lifestyle. Making the decision you will hit the gym 2-3 days a week to start. Happiness is a conscious choice

=> Making the decision you will re-arrange your spending habits and your life so you can start saving towards living in that home or neighborhood that you want.

Being happy comes down to starting to live your life on your terms. Breaking away from the mold of what others have told you that life is suppose to be like.

It will not happen over night, but the decision to make the changes can…

Then start making the changes, slowly at first until you start to develop the belief in yourself .

When you start to feel great about the life you are starting to lead, the projects you are starting to work on, the changes you are making, that is when you will start to live a happy life.

Make the decision today to stop chasing what others call happiness and start designing your own happiness.

The decision to stop living life by default and start designing your perfect life is step one to being happy!

Decide today!


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Until Next Time
Be Happy Now!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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