The Magic of The Compound Effect in MLM

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The Magic of The Compound Effect in MLM

Reading the book by Darren Hardy at the moment, entitled “The Compound Effect”.

It is a great read and a must have as part of your Personal Development library. You do have a Personal Development library… right??!! Robb Corbett the magic of the compound effect in mlm

When reading it, it is not hard to tell that Darren Hardy has a history in Network Marketing and considering he was trained by the late Great Mr. Jim Rohn, his success concepts apply to our profession big time.

Success in your home based business really is all about our little activities performed day in and day out compounding on themselves to create a serious residual income and an awesome lifestyle.

To conquer this industry and to create the lifestyle of your dreams, you must conquer yourself. You must control your desire for instant gratification.

Most people fail because they want success RIGHT NOW.


We are in a society of instant results…

Taking 30-60 minutes to cook supper took way too long so we invented the microwave and press a few buttons…  and wallop your food full of radiation and “presto” within 30 seconds you have a full course meal!

This want it all now mentality the killer for a network marketing business.

Someone will come in… jacked up excited out of their mind… then go ahead and talk to MAYBE 3 friends and then quit within 3 days because they have not created a 6 figure income yet!!

And the funny thing about that is they will then settle themselves in for the long 40 year slug of working the J.O.B plan!


Network Marketing is the Short Cut

Gang I have said it before Network Marketing IS the short cut!

But it will take you time (3-5 years).

It will take effort (10 – 15 hours a week)

…and it will be frustrating at first until you master the skill sets required.

BUT each activity that is an income producing activity will have a Compound Effect”…

Each call you make will result in you becoming that much closer to where you want to be.

Each new person you meet will bring you that much closer to living on the beach…


It ALL Adds Up…

These little activities may not seem like much at the time when you are in the trenches doing the deal, but over time they will compound on top of each other and result in a serious income!

Be like that turtle… sure and steady… not letting anything derail him… pushing on taking the right steps over and over and over and over and over again!

Do this and it is literally impossible to fail in this business!

Make the calls day in and day out regardless of any negativity you experience, share your opportunity regardless of how you feel…  do NTO go to bed at night without having met at least 2 people that day…  and BAM… before you know it a 6 Figure income!

Sure beats the alternative!

To get your very own copy of The Compound Effect you can Click Here

(its like 8 bucks, your worth it and it will allow me to buy a coffee and maybe a doughnut!)


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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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