The 4 Must Read Books For Network Marketing

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The 4 Must Read Books For Network Marketing

Hey gang I have in recent weeks seen different posts and advertisements out there claiming to list the top book for network marketing, so I thought I would in today’s post take the time to list what I considered Must Read Books for our industry.

First let me start out by saying Personal Development is huge when it comes to your success in this business… network marketing books small

…Taking the time to motivate yourself and to learn new skills by reading blog posts like this, books and watching and listening to training videos and audios is a must.

In fact I would take it another level and say that it will be almost near impossible for you to become a success in this business without being engaged in personal development.

Personal Development not only motivates you and inspires you to keep on no matter what; it also provides you with new skills sets… skill sets you will requires to become a success.

Having said that…

Be sure you are not just sitting around reading all day…

…do not kid yourself into thinking you are growing your business if you are not taking action!

So the point is, yes set a specified time aside for reading Personal Development material every single day… and then when the time is up… put the book down and get your butt into action!

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#1 Must Read Book for Network Marketing : Think & Grow Rich

No list of business books or personal development books should ever be created without this life altering book being on the list.

This book changed my life, no question about it.

This book will help you get your mind right about what is truly possible for you… it will motivate you and inspire you to start taking the required action towards creating the life you desire.

What you think and believe you can achieve”!


#2 Must Read Book for Network Marketing:  Your First Year in Network Marketing

This is a book written by Mark Yarnell and nails exactly what to expect in your first year in the business.  He sets real expectations, and provides you with a great road map.


#3 Must Read Book for Network Marketing: How to Win Friends and Influence People.

This book should almost be illegal!  Smile

The information it this book will have people thinking you are the best person in the world.  They will be drawn to you and you will never ever run out of prospects who actually want to talk to you because they like you so much.

Game changing book!



#4: Must Read Book for Network Marketing: Go For No.

Simply an awesome book…

It is a short little read and it is in the format of being a novel, which is nice for all of us who like to have a bed time story read to us! Smile

Too many people are terrified of hear No from their prospect, or they get discouraged when they hear a no.

After reading this book you will never get discouraged from hearing a No again. In fact you will learn to smile at No’s, they will motivate you.

If you want to pick any of these books up here are links to amazon for them:

– Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

– Your First Year in Network Marketing

– How to Win Friends and Influence People

– Go For No

How about you, what is your favorite book you would recommend for Network Marketing.  Let us know in the comments below and tell us why?

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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