The 3 Keys To Your Network Marketing Success

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The 3 Keys To Your Network Marketing Success

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Ok as a trainer in this fun filled industry, I get asked all the time, what does it take to make it in this business of Network Marketing? keys to network marketing success

Although that is a tough question to answer… as there are hordes of things we could discuss…

… when it comes right down to the nitty gritty… I have come up with 3 key items that if you understand will virtually assure your success in this profession! (notice I called it a profession!!)


Key 2 Network Marketing Success #1: Understand What This Is!

Understand what Network Marketing is…

Most people come into our industry and do not have a flipping clue…

No idea at all!

Most come in and think it is “Get Rich Quick”… probably no fault of their own, most likely their sponsor sold it as that.. (don’t do that!!)

But regardless they end up coming in thinking they are going to be a millionaire ripping up the compensation plan in 30 days!

Now it has happened… but by far that is NOT the norm!

What this is… is a Profession!

A very high paying profession… and one that will allow you to live an incredible life of freedom… BUT a profession non-the less!

And like any profession… you have to learn the skill sets required to become successful in it!!

(so give yourself a serious chance at doing that… may take 3 months, may take 3-5 years… but regardless of how long it takes you to get good at this, it is well worth it!!)


Key 2 Network Marketing Success #2: Don’t Get Distracted! (Beware the marketer!!)

The Internet is an incredible tool that you can use to build your business with…

But it is also a dangerous dangerous spot polluted to the brim with Nasty Nasty (brilliant) Marketers who are just lying in the shadows waiting to jump out and distract you with their “NEW SHINY OBJECT”!

Remember… “All that glitters is NOT Gold”!

If someone tells you that you can get rich over night and with little to no work… well run.. cause you are just setting yourself up for failure and a heck of a lot of pain!

Network Marketing is the short cut gang!

3-5 years of hard work will set you up for life!

All the other stuff on the net, promising overnight wealth is pure and utter garbage… (don’t say I did not warn you!)


Key 2 Network Marketing Success  #3: Become A Student!

Some what in line with key item number #1…

But take the time to learn this business!

Rome was not built in a day…

Michael Jordan did not become the best B-ball player overnight

Tiger Woods had to learn the ins and outs of golf for years before he became the best…

There is NO difference here…

Network Marketing is like any other “Worth While” venture… you MUST give yourself the opportunity to learn how to do it!

And really what other option do you have?

Resign yourself to your J.O.B. for ever?

Or get distracted by the shiny object… and never get anywhere?

Network marketing is it gang… it is your real deal shot at the lifestyle of your dreams… and if you stick it out, you will make it… but in the end it is ALL up to you!!

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