The 1 Thing You Need to Become Successful

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The 1 Thing You  Need to Become Successful

Have you ever looked at someone and asked “wow I wonder how they became so successful’?

If so get ready as I am about to do you a huge favor and reveal the secret. After this you will never have to ask that question ever again.

The answer is not rocket science and one that we can all implement ourselves… the answer is they wanted it really really bad! no more excuses

That’s it, no magic to it, nothing else matters… not how much money they had starting out, not who their parents were, not where they lived… none of the excuses we try to come up with for why others are successful and we are not are true… none of them!

The only secret is they wanted it really really bad!

Once you are so sick & tired of your current situation and you decide that enough is enough and that you are going to go for it, that is when you will start to experience success.

The details of how you will achieve it will start to be revealed to you. The key is to really decide you are going for it and there is no turning back.

Once you make this decision the laws of this universe start to come into effect, it is like your path to your success destination is slowly started to be revealed to you.

The universe says “Ok I believe maybe this guy/gal is serious, and is going to really go for it”… then it slowly starts to not only open doors in the right direction for you, but also to test you along the way to see if you really are serious.

You will be shaped into what you need to become in order to reach your goals.

As Jim Rohn said:  “We put the nice things in life on the high shelf, so that we must grow in order to reach them.”

want it bad enough

Success takes time and takes you changing. If you want to experience different results from what you have in the past it only makes sense that you have to change who you are and what you have done to date that has resulted in you having what you have and being what you are.

However relax this does not happen over night for anyone. When they say success is a journey no truer words were ever said.

Like any journey it begins with a first step. You do not have to know each step to the top, what you need is to simply know (discover) the first step and then each next step after that will be revealed to you along the way.

Always ask yourself what is the next step, and do not stress over figuring out the following steps until you get to them.

As the saying goes, “Cross One Bridge At A Time”!

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Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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