The #1 MLM Secret Recruiting Weapon

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The #1 MLM Secret Recruiting Weapon

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Got your attention on that one didn’t I? Secret MLM Recruiting

Cracks me up how as people the thoughts of their being a secret weapon, an insider secret so to speak to the top grabs everyone’s attention.

We all think there must be some little tiny secret that all of the people in the “know” possess that we are missing out on.

Well… I am going to let you in on a little secret today.

In fact I would go so far as to say that this little secret was one of the top reasons I was able to create a six figure income in this business.

I used this tool every single day and more then once in that day.

In fact it is not much of a secret at all… I have no doubt what so ever that you have heard of it.

I am talking about 3-way calls.

Yup… getting your prospect on a call with your up line and letting your upline go to town on closing the deal with them.

Gang I am sure we have ALL heard of 3 ways calls..

I am positive we have even heard our up line tell us how powerful and crucial they are to our success.

If we all know this then tell me why at the very most 5% of all networkers use it…

Whoa Up there… hold the phone!


That number sounds familiar eh??

Oh ya it is the same % of people who make it to the top of this business…

gee I wonder if that is a coincidence??

Ah Nope!

People who commit to using 3 ways calls day in and day out WILL Create a Six Figure Income within One Year, I can virtually guarantee you!!

So what are you doing reading this message… turn off your computer, call that prospect and get them on a call with your upline.. go go go… chop chop chop! 🙂

Until next time gang… keep smiling and dialing!


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