Take Vitamins To Improve Your Life

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Take Vitamins to Improve Your Life

Most people rely on a multi-vitamin or some sort of supplement to help replace any missing vitamins or nutrients from their diet.

However, not all vitamin/mineral supplements are created equal.

One thing to be mindful of is the obvious marketing schemes that are used to sway you into buying their product.

Let’s face it, the chances that we get all of the vitamins and nutrients in our meals throughout the day is slim to none. the importance of vitamins for a successful life

In fact, in order to get all of the nutrients we would need we would be taking in around 2500 calories a day, which of course is not manageable for most in terms of managing your weight.

Here is a short list of SOME vitamins you should be making sure to include into your daily regime whether it be through raw food (most recommended) or through supplementation.

Vitamin A-anti-cancer properties, new research showing immune stimulating effects.

Vitamin B-most adults are deficient in this vitamin, mostly due to the increased intake of alcohol. Alcohol depletes thiamin reserves, not good considering thiamine helps to prevent lead poisoning (a major concern with the increasing amount of pollution in the air/water)

Vitamin B6-also an immune booster, also linked in the prevention of certain cancers like melanoma.

Folic Acid-Anti-cancer effects, as well as extremely important for expectant mothers.

Vitamin D-more and more evidence showing a decreased chance of cancer.

Vitamin E- a protector against heart disease, as well as a stimulator for the immune system to help fight off deadly diseases.

Magnesium-involved in the increasing rate of survival of those who have had heart attacks, also more recently used for the treatment of angina.

Potassium-helps to control blood pressure and can help to protect against strokes.

Most multi vitamins you get on the market will supply these. The key is to be dedicated to your own health enough to take them on a daily basis.

Focus on making yourself take a vitamin once a day for 30 days and afterwards it will become a habit and much easier to do.

On top of a multivitamin you might want to also considered taking a daily antioxidant supplement or two. Acai berry or Blue berry is a great place to start.

If you do not have your health, you really do not have anything.

So take the time daily to make sure you are the most healthy you possible… it will pay you dividends in ALL areas of your life!

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