Network Marketing Doesn’t Owe You Anything

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Funny thing about our business of network marketing and in fact life in general…

Most people would rather complain and mumble and grumble about how hard things are and how they do not network marketing does not owe you anythingwork…

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Can Only The Gurus Do Attraction Marketing?

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One of the challenges people face when they are considering using the internet and attraction marketing to build Attraction Marketingtheir network marketing business is their concern that they are not qualified to provide training’s on how … Read the rest

100% Commitment to Your Network Marketing Success

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For my daily personal development I am re-reading for the who knows  how many’ieth time The Success Principles by Jack Canfield…

Great great book by the way… Makes #2 on my all time personal development … Read the rest

How I Know if You’ll Have Network Marketing Success

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If someone comes to me asking for help with their network marketing business and they are wondering why they network marketing successhave not had any real success…

…it takes me about 5 minutes to figure out their … Read the rest

Network Marketing Tip: Recruit the Sharks

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A few years back I took an awesome trip to the Island of Bermuda…  actually sailed the boat in this picture over to Bermuda for their aquarium… if you have never been it needs to … Read the rest