Success and the American Idol Junkie

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Success and the American Idol Junkie…

Are you one of the few people out there who deep down desires to do more be more and experience more?

And you just know that if the right opportunity came along that you would own it?

If so.. there is your problem…. You are waiting for the right opportunity to come along… Kicking back kidding yourself Kicking Backthat one day it will happen for me, I will get my lucky break…

Well I have some advice for you “Do not hold your breath while kicking back”…

It is very very rare that opportunities just fall into your lap, about as rare as winning the lotto, however there is good news for those who are determined to go out and create the life of their dreams.

“Success Leaves Clues”

Gang success really is not rocket science… how do you become successful in life?

Easy… simply model successful people… Do what successful people are doing or have done…

It is not worthwhile trying to re-invent the wheel, way to risky. Find what has and is working and simply do it and the odds are if it worked for others it will work for you.

That is it gang….. go out and find someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish and do exactly what they did……. Do this and the odds of your success go way up.

And of course the flip side of this is…. If you take the advice of your broke friends, get discouraged and give up on your dreams guess what?

Yup you will end up as broke as them, living the life of an American Idol Junkie, desperately waiting for the next episode to come on so you can have some real excitement added to your life …

I challenge you gang, for the next 90 days turn the good ol’ Boob Tube (tv) off and get started on something you have been putting off… maybe it is starting a business or starting an exercise program.

Whatever it is, these next 90 days could be seriously life changing for you if you simply take the time you were wasting watching the television and instead invested it in something worth while… something that could be life changing for you and your family forever.

Here is a great tip to always keep in mind… “Buy Someone’s Advice & You Buy Their Lifestyle”!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett

Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach







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