Stop Living Your Boring Life & Start Living a SuperSized Life

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Stop Living Your Boring Life & Start Living a SuperSized Life

Why anyone would choose to live this incredible gift they were given called life in a small Boring and Pathetic way… blows my mind. Stop-Having-a-Boring-Life

Life was meant to be LIVED!

Enjoy it… do it up big time… chase your dreams… never stop… rip it up… go nuts… and do something BIG that you will be proud of and remembered for.

If McDonald’s can SuperSize a french fry, you sure the heck should strive to SuperSize YOUR Life!

In the end it really is just a choice to live your life SuperSized… anyone can do it… and that really does include YOU!

The following are 3 SuperSized tips to help you stop living your boring existence and to start living a SuperSized rocking life!


SuperSized Tip #1. Say Yes to Living a SuperSized Awesome Life.

You have to make the decision you are going to live a life worth freaking living.

You have to be honest with yourself… look in the mirror, examine your present life and be really honest.

Face it the life you are presently living is YOUR fault!

It is your doing. You and you alone are to blame…

Stop whinning and crying that it is someone or something else’s fault…

=> You took the job you have that pays peanuts and you hate….

=> You ate the crap garbage food that made you unhealthy and fat…

=> You married the person you married that nags at you and tears you down…

=> You wracked up the credit card debt…

=> You made all the decisions that resulted in the life you are living.

It is YOUR fault!

BUT… the good news is that since it is your mess, you can also clean it up.  You can start the process of changing your life at any time. It is simply a decision to do so.

It is you getting so fed up with your existence that you want to change as bad as you want to breath!

It is you saying Yes to living a SuperSized Life.

It is you saying Yes to opportunity and success.

It is you saying Yes to a life that is lived on your terms.

It is you saying Yes to a freaking awesome future.

It is you saying Yes to a relationships that support and energize you.

It is you saying Yes to making your own decisions.

It is you saying Yes to not needing the approval of others.

It is you saying Yes to a enjoyable and rewarding career.

It is you saying Yes to spending more time on your personal development.

It is you saying Yes to living without regrets.

It is you saying Yes to taking risks & living without fear.

Become the YES Man or Woman!


SuperSized Tip #2. Take Some Flipping Risks.

Nothing worthwhile comes without taking some chances!

Up until now the only thing that has been holding you back is you have been afraid! when we stop taking risks we stop living life - Robin Sharma

Afraid of failing… Afraid of what others will think of you… Afraid of losing some money… Afraid of doing what is required!

Fear is controlling your life!

Fear is destroying your chances of success and living the life you were created to live.

Get over it… face your fear… do that EXACT thing that you have been afraid of doing.

Man up and step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t think about it, just do it.

Taking risks empowers you to take control and be in charge of your life.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different things.

Stop only listening to experts telling you to set goals AND actually do it!

Then take action, get up off your butt and start moving. Anticipate your success. Expect it! Know you can have it!

Nothing good will ever happen to you with out taking risks. You will never know what you could have achieved without taking some risks.


SuperSized Tip #3. Make the Impossible, Possible. 

If you continue to tell yourself that it will never happen for you, then guess what?  inspirational quote optimist winston churchill

Your a freaking fortune teller because it never will!

Listening to your inner scaredy pants critic will destroy any chances you have of realizing your dreams.

Shut the critic up fast… give him a swift boot in the arse… by doing the exact thing he is telling you that you can’t. Take action on it today.

Make the Impossible, Possible!

Go big or stay home. Dream big dreams for yourself. Dreams that will get you excited about the future you can create. Dreams that will keep you motivated to go after it.

Believe in yourself and the talents you have… talents you know you have or talents you will soon realize you have once you take action.

If you were given a dream… you were given the abilities to make it a reality! success that will blow your mind

In fact… think about all the things you do not believe you can do and then go out and start trying to do them… you will BLOW YOUR MIND at what you are capable of.

Continuing to live your life in your safe little bubble will never allow you to do anything worthwhile with your life.

Allow yourself to live this type of life and on your last days You will look back and kick yourself in the ass for not having tried anything great!

Why not take some action and see what you can really accomplish.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain… It will shock you how your life looks in 1 years from now!

Stop thinking and just go and do it!


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Until Next Time
Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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