Key 2 Happiness #5: Spiritual Inspiration

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Spiritual Inspiration

If you want to skip my blurb below about the importance of this area of your life when it comes to living a balanced, happy and successful life and instead go directly to the latest blog posts on Spiritual Inspiration simply click the following link =>Spiritual Inspiration.

Alright… Lets get at it.

As we have talked about on this blog many times, in order to live a truly successful and happy life there are a few areas of your life God's plan for successthat need to be in balance…

Family, Health, Money, Career, etc…

Well for me the most important has always been my relationship to God.

And if I did not share this area with you it would be doing you a disservice… I would be sabotaging your chances at success… I would not be being honest with you and I would be holding back my #1 secret of success (which is not fair to you)…. because this area has been that important to my journey…

RELAX… Now I am not going to ever preach to you… or bang you over the head with religion…

This page is simply going to explain where God fits into my life and the importance of my foundation being in him.

For me I have found that I can have all other areas of my life in check, but if I am neglecting my relationship with God none of it matters, I am not happy, something is missing.

And the opposite it also true… when I am focused on my relationship to God, everything seems so much better… in fact I may be struggling in other areas… my business may have had a hiccup… I may have had an issue at home with my kids… but I am still positive and upbeat… because I believe that as the Bible says…

“All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose” – Romans 8:28

So as like all other sections of this blog… I would encourage you to start making room for God in your life… take time to focus on this very important area of your life.

If you say… “but Robb I don’t believe there is a God”…

Well the following website is for you… it is a link to a site that shows evidence for God.


=> The Poached Egg

I believe even by just taking 15 minutes a day to start opening your mind to the possibility that God exists will do great things for you… Try me on that!

Test me… take 15 minutes for the next 30 days… and research the sites I provide… do your due diligence like you would in the other areas of your life… This is a grand total of a whooping 7.5 hours… not a huge investment for a potential significant benefit to your life…


So How Does God Fit Into Your Life Robb?

My journey to developing a relationship with God has been a long and bumpy one… as I am sure is the story for most I can do all things through Christ who strengthens meChristians.

There are so many people out there claiming to know exactly how God wants you to live… hence the different religions and different styles of churches (denominations).

There are Christians who are hard core… live your life only looking up to the sky waiting for God to return… being poor is good… do not focus on anything but God… don’t do this, don’t do that (rules rules rules)… if you are not doing this then you are not truly a Christian, blah blah blah…

Then on the complete opposite end of the spectrum… you have the people who act like God is some sort of Genie in a bottle… just sitting there waiting for you to make a wish… I want a new house… I want, I want, I want… and low and behold hocus pokus you get want you want.

To me God is neither of these… to me God is a loving father, who yes wants you to have a relationship with him as any father does with his child… he wants you to take time out of your day to focus on him and be with him… BUT… he also wants what is best for his children… he gave you gifts, abilities and talents as well as… DREAMS and as long as they are in his will… he wants you to go out and pursue them.

So this is how I try to live my life… I work on my relationship with God… by praying and reading my Bible and spending time with him… I pray that he will guide me and give me the direction in my life… and clarity that the desires I have for my life come from him… and that he will give me the strength, energy and motivation to go out and pursue and achieve them…

Then as the old saying goes… “I pray as if it is ALL up to God… and I work as if it is ALL up to me”!

There is an incredible book out there done by Rick Warren… it is called the Purpose Driven Life!  The purpose driven life by Rick Warren

Truly Awesome book… it really helped me to understand what is the meaning of this thing called life… why are we here and what are we here to do… and what God is truly like and what are his plans for us!

Highly successful people, celebrities, etc… have ALL read this book and loved it…  It became the #1 best selling book (non fiction) in history… obviously a great book!

It is an easy read as it is set up for you to only read a small chapter every morning… I highly recommend that regardless of your thoughts on God or beliefs that you read this book as part of your Personal development time… it will help you regardless of your beliefs!

You can learn more about it and/or get a copy here =>The Purpose Driven Life.

Well that is it for my blurb… I trust it made sense and I encourage you to not brush it off, but take me up on my challenge to add spending time with or researching God as part of your journey to achieving a successful and happy life.

And again here is the link to take you to the latest blog posts on Spiritual Inspiration.

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To YOUR Happiness
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach