To Use MLM Scripts or Not

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Should You Use MLM Scripts

This is a question that has bothered me throughout my career training in this industry. mlm scripts

Because even though I am a firm believer that success in Network Marketing is a 100% numbers game, and anyone can become successful IF they simply find a way to get their opportunity in front of as many people as possible and keep it there for an extended period of time!

HOWEVER…  there is no doubt that some people are simply better at closing people then others…

Some people  will close 6-7 people out of every 10 they share their business with and others will be lucky to close 1 out of every ten.

And it is obvious to me that it is “What they are saying” to their prospects and/or “How they are saying it”… So an argument for using MLM Scripts could be made!

You see when you open your mouth to talk with a prospect you are either ATTRACTING them or Repelling them…

So again there are 2 factors at play here…

1)  What you are saying…


2) How you are saying it…

The 2nd one, how you are saying it is ALL about having confidence and having the right posture…

People are attracted and want to work with people who are confident and know where they are going…

…they command the respect of the prospect when the speak…  don’t be rude or demeaning, but just speaking with confidence…

You can become this person by simply engaging in prospecting activities ALL The Time…  the more you do it the better you get and the better you get the more confident you become!

Also…  personal development… i.e. reading a success oriented book daily when you get up and when you go to bed will turn you into this success attracting person and people will resonate and be attracted to your new found confidence…

Now as for the 1st one… “What You Are Saying”…

Should you use a mlm script?


But you should be scripted!  🙂


I hear you asking what the hell is the difference?

There is a big difference…

Reading or using a script sounds mechanical…  it sounds like you are a telemarketer..  and as much as you try to sound natural, it is not hard to tell you are reading from a script…

However being scripted is totally different and is INSANELY powerful!!

Being scripted means you “Know what to say and when to say it, in ANY given situation!”

Plan in advance for your conversations with your prospects…

There are only so many objections you will ever get…  maybe 7 – 10..

Such as:

=>  “How much are you making?”

=> Is this one of those pyramid Schemes?

=> I can’t afford it.

=>  If this product is so great, why have I never heard of it before?

=> How long have you been doing it?

=> How much does it cost?

Etc, Etc ,etc…

Each one of theses “objections” (and that is what they are) can be the kiss of death for most network marketers…

But it does not need to be…  they can be opportunities…

IF you are scripted…  If you have planned ahead… if you know what questions could be coming and IF you are ready…

For example…  if you are new and someone asks you “How Much Are You Making”…  be ready for it…  do not lie…   (turn it into an opportunity)

Say something like:  “Do you know what Mr. Prospect…  I also was in your shoes not too long ago, I was looking at this opportunity, did my homework and saw what an awesome opportunity this was…  and just recently started building my business…  However  my business partner Mr. GURU makes $40 – $50k a month doing this…  So let me do this for you… I will get him on the line and let him share his experience with you…

BAM!!  Right into a 3 way call…  and let your up line sign him or her up!

Professionals are prepared to react to what their prospects throw at them…  Novices just stumble and bumble their way through it…

Gang… Network Marketing is a profession…  treat it as such… learn the skills… and be prepared and success will come your way!


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