Best Network Marketing Closing Line

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Best Network Marketing Closing Line

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By now if you have been following & IMPLEMENTING my training’s you realize that the ONLY way you are ever going to reach the level of success in your Network Marketing Business that you desire is to: closing scripts mlm

=> stop studying your compensation plan

=> stop memorizing the ingredients of your products

=> stop cleaning your desk

And START prospecting and keep on prospecting & prospecting & prospecting!!

As far as prospecting goes I have seen that there is a trend out there from a lot of the “Goo-Roo’s” on the internet who are training on the right “Closing Lines” to use on your prospects.

Now although I do believe you should be scripted and know how to handle objections  I am not big on using closing lines…

Repeating standard closing lines is like memorizing scripts… which I am not for.


My main reasons for not using closing lines outside of the fact you sound like “Robbie the Robot” are:

1) Duplication – This is a business of duplication.

And what that means is that anything you do to build your business your team will “Try” to do…

…memorizing a ton of closing lines and then trying to get good at delivering them is NOT easy and therefore not duplicateable.

Not to mention your prospect is watching you and the whole time they are thinking to themselves…

“What Robb is doing I will have to do also in order to be successful”…

if they think they have to memorize closing lines and become a rock star closer they might not think they have the skill to do it and will not join for that one reason!


2) Too sales-ie – Closing lines are for sales people!

We are NOT in a sales business. We are in a sharing business. We share our opportunity by way of 3rd party tools.

All we do is simply point people to a “Series” of 3rd parties tools (one after the other, could be website, dvd, cd, webinar, corporate site, 3 way call, etc) …

We keep doing this UNTIL they have enough information to make up their own mind whether or not this business is for them.

If they do not see the power behind your opportunity after looking at your “Series” of 3rd party tools… and if you need to “CLOSE” them with a Fancy Dancy line… well then there is a great chance this business is not for them and they will do nothing but waste your time!


3) You don’t need closing lines!

In the end this is simply a numbers game… I would rather have my team focus on learning and mastering the skill of “Developing and Maintaining an On-Going Candidates List”!

When you learn how to get and keep your opportunity in front of a large number of people, the law of large numbers dictates that a large portion of them are going to end up in your business regardless of what you say to them!


How To Sign Them Up?

I can already hear you asking, what I personally say then to a prospect after they have seen my 3rd party tool…

Well… After every exposure I ask my prospect “What they liked about it”…

Then I say the only closing line you will ever need…

“Sounds Like You Are Ready To Get Started”…


There is only 3 possible answers to this…

1) No its not for me… (great onto the next)

2) They still have questions… This is when you send them to another 3rd party tool AND after they have seen it guess what you say… “Sounds Like You Are Ready To Get Started”…

3) Yes I am ready… (sign them up and get them rolling!!)

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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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