Should You Recruit Customers or MLM Distributors?

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Should You Recruit Customers or MLM Distributors?

This is a very interesting subject to dive into. Should You Recruit Customers or MLM Distributors?

Within this industry there are 2 different approaches and/or methodologies on this subject.

Let’s look at them…


Approach #1: Distributors Distributors Distributors…

Some people approach everyone of their prospects regardless of who they are with the business opportunity first… with the goal of recruiting as many distributors as possible.

They have the mentality that a big business is built by recruiting distributors who become “Users & Shares”…

Meaning people who will use the product monthly but also Share the Business Opportunity.

Their thought process is that they would rather have a distributor who will help them grow their downline… then simply a customer who will only be placing an order each month.

There is nothing wrong with this approach and to be up front this is the approach that for most of my career I used…

BUT… the key to having success with this approach is making sure that after someone looks at the opportunity and IF they decide it is NOT for them… that you allow them the chance to become a customer.

How do you do this?

By simply asking them! “So John I understand that the opportunity is not for you, but tell me what do you like about the product?”

Whatever they say they like… say you do to… and then just ask for the order… (some will some won’t who cares, push on!)


Approach #2: Customers Customers Customers!

This is an interesting approach and one that I have been paying more attention to.

The thought process behind why you would go this route is as follows.

Every network marketer who has had any amount of success at all, understands that just like in the recruiting process… the majority of network marketers you bring into your business ARE NOT going to put the time and effort in to build the business…

As such if you have a good product (if you don’t change companies!)… then best case scenario is that you will end up with a distributor who simply shifts into a customer! (keeps ordering the product monthly!)

So… why not just go after customers in the first place??

If you have a great product, that people will love… it is WAY easier to get a customer then it is a distributor…

SO… you will end up with way more personal customers…

And the thought process is that a good percentage of happy customers will turn into distributors… (if they are telling their friends about this great product they might ass well make some $$ doing so )

and when they turn into a distributor they will then go do the same thing you just did…

I.E. find a ton of customers themselves… create a bunch of product sales monthly… resulting in high Volume in your business…And just like what happened with you, a certain percentage of their customers will turn into distributors… which will result in you also growing a large downline.

AND… it could be argued that you will have a much more solid downline going this route verse the other, because you have a downline of people who came on because they LOVE the product and will continue to buy it!


Both Strategies Work

In the end both of these approaches work… it really comes down to you and how you want to build your business.

Personally I suggest gauging the person you are talking to… are they a business oriented person or someone you know is looking for a change in their financial situation… and wants to make more money? If so go with the Distributor approach…

If not and if you have a product that can help them… go with the product approach.

Mix it up and see what works best for you!

Either way the key is to get your business or product in front of large amounts of people daily!!


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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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