Should You Learn Cold Market Recruiting

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Should You Learn Cold Market Recruiting?

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Hey gang…

For some of you who know me you will think this is a silly question, because you know that I am a huge cold market advocate. Cold-Market-Prospecting-Network Marketing

But… there are many companies, organizations and leaders who are against you going to your cold market…  they believe the warm market is the only market to work.

And that is fine and I understand why they feel this way…  but I disagree with it.

Here’s why I Believe That YES You Should Learn Cold Market Recruiting…


Reason #1) Some people are going to have  a lot success in their warm market and some not so much…

Myself I had a lot  success in my warm market, recruited a lot of people.  My brother he also had success in his warm market and recruited a lot of people.

Why did we have such good success from our warm market?

Because we were Entrepreneurs who had some level of success in our life prior to Network Marketing.

So when we spoke about a great opportunity people listened.

NOW… do not get me wrong here, if you follow a system of using 3rd party tools, anyone can sponsor people from the warm market…

And…  you need to go to your warm market and you need to learn to do it well, because you need to be able to teach it to your downline and you need to promote that they go to it first, because it is the easiest form of recruiting and it will create growth in your business.

But what is cool about the Cold Market is people have no clue who you are…  You and I are the same to them…  they do not know your track record and they do not know me.

It evens the playing field…

A multi millionaire successful business man has the same level of credibility as a Truck driver when it comes to working the cold market.

Your past life means nothing… so anyone can do well in the cold market.


Reason #2) Network Marketing is a recruiting business.  If you are not recruiting your business is going in the wrong direction.

Makes no difference if you are a $6 earner or a $60,000.00 per month earner… if you are not recruiting your business will start slowing down.

And there is no question that if you truly go after your warm market like you should, you will eventually run out of people to share your business with.

So the only option to continue to see growth in your business is to work the cold market.


Reason #3)  You are going to recruit people who will have no warm market success.

There will be people who have no credibility at all with their warm market…

…they still should go to their warm market to learn the process so they can teach it to their team, but they will need to learn other methods if they are going to be successful in network marketing.


Reason #4) There are endless prospects out there waiting for you…

With your warm market you know 200 – 2000 people… a good number.

But with your cold market there are Billons of people on this planet!  Go get them!  Smile

Staying in recruiting mode does many things for you and your business…

=> as discussed it keeps the growth of your business happening.

=> you are leading by example.  Your team will do what you do.

=> it keeps you fired up and energized, there is nothing like getting a new recruit to keep you motivated.


So to close this post out..

Go to your warm market first… teach your team to do the same… then start focusing on cold market….  this could be offline and online.

The best form of cold market recruiting is developing relationships… do not spam people… and do not feel like you have to become a big Internet Marketer… simply meet people, become friends, and provide value to people… when the relationship is created you can then move into sharing your business with them as they have now become part of your warm market!


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To YOUR success!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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