Should You Lead With Your Network Marketing Products?

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A short post today but in my opinion a very powerful concept to to really get if your goal is to build a large network marketing business. network marketing products

More and more I see people out there slinging their network marketing products all over the place…

And WOW… If you have many Network Marketing friends on facebook…  you know exactly what I am talking about…

…your page quickly turns into an infomercial…  Products spammed everywhere.

Now Instagram… forget about it…  they should change their name to Insta-SPAM!


Prospecting is simple if you do this… 

If you have been following my trainings you have heard me teach on how recruiting into your network marketing business is simply a matter of walking prospects through a series of 3rd party exposures to your opportunity until the prospect has enough information to make a decision on their own.

Now this blog post is not a training on 3rd party tools, but you must understand the concept, so here is a post i did on using 3rd party tools:

Network Marketing Prospecting: The Magic of 3rd Party Tools

So very quickly a 3rd party tool is anything other then yourself that shares your business and product with your prospects.  (Dvd, website, home presentation, 3 way call, etc).


A GREAT question I get asked…

So it is clear where I stand on spamming your products…

But from time to time I get asked a very valid question…

“Are my network marketing products considered third-party tools?”

The short answer is that yes, sure they are…

However I would never recommend leading with the product regardless of how good it is.

Meaning to be the very best network marketing prospecting beast that you can be… never approach your prospects for the first time with your product.

Samples of your products would make a good 2, 3 or 4th exposure…

…let them taste, try and feel the product AFTER they have seen your opportunity presentation…


(continued below)

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The Reason to Never Lead with Your Network Marketing Product…

When someone sees you approaching them with product in hand… one of two thoughts goes through their head.

Thought #1) This Dude is trying to sell me something. (And nobody likes to be sold to)

Thought #2) This Dudette wants me to sell something. (Nobody likes to sell)


Here is what the professionals do…

See what a network marketing professional who is building a large organization (verses simply finding customers for their network marketing business) understands is…

…when you approach your prospect  with a 3rd party tool that explains your network marketing opportunity subconsciously they see how easy this business is…

… they learn that this business is built using a concept that I call:

“Using And Sharing”

Meaning all we do is “Use” the product ourselves…

… and “Share” the opportunity with others via 3rd party tools that do ALL of the selling, talking and presenting for us!

And NOT Selling or Spamming!!

The prospect then realizes how easy building this business  is and that is when you can show them the awesome network marketing products associated with your opportunity.

Get it? Got it? Good!!  Smile


Video Should you lead with your Mumba Jumba Network Marketing Product?


Your Turn How about you, agree with me, disagree with me?  When do you introduce your network marketing product to a prospect?

Let us know in the comment section below!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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  1. Love the post… we have a great tool and i love using that to present both our product and the opportunity…. thanks for sharing Robb Corbett​

  2. This is so true. Nobody likes to be sold to and Facebook is full of people who think their wall is an infomercial. It is just a sign of marketing immaturity. They either quit when it doesnt work or perservere and learn how to do it right.

  3. Great post Robb, You are right Instagram should be instaspam…love that. I agree you should never lead with a product. Thanks for sharing.

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