Secret to Success – Build Habits When You’re Jacked Up

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Secret to Success Build Habits When You’re Jacked Up

Success is without a doubt a journey… and some times it can be a damn long journey… actually let me rephrase that … “MOST times it can be a damn long journey’!! success is a journey

Nothing worthwhile ever happens over night NOTHING!

If someone is trying to tell you they have the secret to your over night success (riches, lose weight, etc) the truth is they are trying to SELL You something!

But just because success can and will take some time is no reason not to go after it… because in the end what is Your alternative?

=> Quitting
=> Failure
=> Boring life
=> Never being what you were meant to be
=> Depression
=> Surviving but never thriving
=> Watching other people live your dream life!!

Seems to me the answer is pretty clear… get on your success Journey and stay on it!

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Easier Said Then Done?!?!

Yup it is!

No question staying on track and focused to stick with your goal is a very real and at times a freaking hard challenge.

See what happens for most people (and why most people fail) is they get an idea of what they want…

…whether it is starting a part-time business… losing weight… eating healthy… whatever…

…they get excited about this idea and they start out following their plan:

Day 1: Excited about their plan… Jacked up… this is it… go time!

Day 2: Excitement level drops a few degrees… Not as excited about their Plan… but committed.

Day 3: Not excited about the plan but still feeling good

Day 4: Not feeling good, but pushing on…

Day 5: Excitement gone and realizing this is going to take Freaking WORK

Day 6: Screw it I would rather watch TV and eat a bag of chips today, back at it tomorrow.

Day 7: Tomorrow never comes… too busy will start again January 1st… excuses excuses, blah blah blah!


So What Then Is the Secret To Your Success?

The only way you will ever become a success is to create habits!

Habits are the key to becoming who we want… habits are the key to getting anything we want… habits are the key to achieving any goal.

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The road to success will not always be fun…

Doing the same activities over and over again day after day can get boring…

And the key to not allowing this boredom to destroy your chances of getting what you want… is to create the required habits while you are still Jacked Up and excited about your plan and where it will take you.

we are what we repeatedly do aristotle


People are creatures of habit…

Studies have shown that if you make yourself do something for ONLY 30 days it will become a habit and you will do it without thinking about doing it (or not doing it), it becomes routine and you will automatically make it happen.

I have proven this over and over again in my own life…

If I can just make myself do something for 30 days I am good to go… habit created and I will continue on doing the activity.

The key is “Self Discipline” to stick to the required activities for the 30 days!

How bad do you want it? How bad do you want change in your life?

If you want it bad enough then make the commitment to do what is required for 30 days! no excuses

No excuses!

No lying to yourself that you will just skip a day and get back at it tomorrow!

Nothing gets in your way of sticking to this plan for 30 days!

Do it and you will be blown away at how the activity has become second nature to you and a part of your life.

And now you are on your way to where you want to go and the only thing between you and there is time!

Choice as always is yours and yours alone!


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Until Next Time
Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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