Rise and Fight

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Rise and Fight

Have you experienced failure? Has life beaten you up? Have you tried to make your dreams a reality but fallen short? some hit the wall some crush it

Do you now feel like you can not live the life you wish… that that type of life is for others but not you?

Have these failures made you compromise on your dreams and goals? Instead of going after the life you really want have you settled for just surviving?

Are you working a job you despise because you now believe you have to? Do you hate getting up in the morning and going to this job but do it anyway? Like a robot are you programmed to go about your day on auto pilot. Not enjoying it but just doing it because you think you have too?

Is the joy gone in your life… Have you GIVEN UP?

If the answer is Yes… you have bought into a LIE! And your life does not have to be what it is now.

And in fact… I believe that if you are reading this post… reading this type of personal development information that it means there is still a little spark of hope left in you…

A little spark of desire that is still burning deep within you… that you have actually not given up on your dreams 100%.

You are still searching if only slightly for the way out of your present situation…

BUT you have got to get that little spark burning brighter… you have got to turn that little spark into a roaring fire of commitment and desire….

You have got to get back on your feet and get moving… you have got to shake off that defeat and push on…

“If you can look up you can get up” – Les Brown

You have got to realize that failure is not the end… failure is actually part of the process.

Everyone fails on their way to becoming a success… everyone fails on their way to reaching their goals.

The people who make it to their goals… the people who live the life they desire are the ones who Rise up from a defeat and Fight on…

motivational_quotes_Georges St-Pierre

You have got to want your success so bad that it starts to become a driving force in your life…

That desire has to push you on past your failures, defeats and set backs.

If you were allowed to wish for a goal, you were given the ability to achieve it. You can live that life you wish for, it is within you to achieve it.

But you have to shake off the defeat… you have to get back on your feet and get back in the race.

The hardest part is getting back up… once you are back on your feet… back in the fight… you will continue on…

Newton’s first law of Motion applies to us humans… “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion”

If you continue to dwell in self defeating thoughts and do not take action you are done… but if you get up… if you start moving towards your goals, even if only slowly… you will find that you will continue to move forward… Taking action will become easier and easier and before long you will be running and fighting your way back to the top.

The keys is to simply take that first step… don’t think about it, just do it!

Your destiny is yours to create… and you can make it great!!

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Until Next Time
Keep on Rocking!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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