Recruiting Your Warm Market with Your New MLM

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There are not too many network marketers who I have ever come across who have not been in a few to multiple mlm companies before they final figure out how to have success in network marketing.

So if you are one of those people who already went to your Warm Market with your mlm and have recently started a new mlm business have no fear there is hope for you.  recruiting your warm market new mlm

Even if you have been in multiple companies over the past few years and have gone to your warm market with each new MLM you tried there is still hope for having success in your warm market.


Been in a Couple of Previous MLM Companies

So lets start with those of you who have been in 1-2 mlm companies…

I would highly recommend that you go back to your warm market with the business opportunity for your new mlm.

Just be up front with your prospect, do not beat around the bush.

Let them know that you have started with a new MLM, that the other one is a great company but the new one has exactly what you were looking for in a network marketing business.

Let them know that it may or may not be for them, but you would like them to do you a favor and take a look.

If it turns out not to be for them, bring up the products and how great they are and that you think they would enjoy them.  Ask them to place an order with you.

Easy as that guys…  get through that warm market list fast.


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The MLM Junkies (I joke in fun… love ya and you will make it to the top )

Ok now onto you MLM Junkies who have been in 5, 8, and even 10 plus companies in the last 3 –5 years.

Here is the straight up honest deal for you guys…

Your warm market will see you coming with your new MLM business a mile away.

You are what would be referred to as the NFL  or No Friends List network marketer!

This is OK… relax…  you can still tear it up with your Warm Market.

BUT instead of going to them about your opportunity… take a product approach.

At this point you have simply lost credibility when it comes to making money opportunities with them… they may pretend they are listening to you but in reality they are trying to figure out in their head the fast way to get away from you!

So again… focus on the product with your warm market.

Be quick about going that route to when speaking with them or you might lose them.

Let the know right away that you have started a new MLM but you are pretty sure it is not for them… BUT you are also pretty sure they would like the product and you would like them to do you a favor and try it by placing an order.

This will do 2 things…

#1) By taking the opportunity away from them it will make them take a double take.

It may even bother them so much that you have taken it away that they end up wanting to take a look.

#2) There is a great chance that a high number of your warm market will do you a favor and try your new mlm product…

… and if it is a good product they may become customers AND…  after time they may like it so much and since they are sharing it with friends anyway, they could down the road end up joining your new mlm business after all!

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Do Not Skip Your Warm Market with Your New MLM

I trust this was helpful…  do not get discouraged with your warm market.

When I started a new mlm, even though I had gone to my warm market a couple of times before I did it again for a couple of reasons:

1) What you do duplicates.

I wanted to be able to tell my new distributors that I did it and they need to also, because the warm market is where the real growth in your organization will be and you want to build a culture of building from the warm market.

2) There will be people from your Warm Market will join or become customers of your new MLM.


Here is a couple of other resources to help you recruit your warm market…


Your Turn=> Let me know in the comments your experience in recruiting your warm market.  AND of course do me a favor and let me know if you found any value in this post!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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