Quick Test to Test Your Positivity Ratio

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Are you a Positive Person or a Negative Nacncy?

Lets find out…

Life is full of negativity… it is all around us. We are bombarded with it non stop. If you want to make something worthwhile of your life you positivity testhave to learn to guard yourself against it. You have to learn to put up walls of defence to ensure you remain upbeat, positive and focused on living a happy and fulfilled life.

There are many strategies to do just that and this blog has loads of them you can explore and implement in your life…

But today we are going to do something a little different… we are going to find out just how positive or negative you really are.

Most people refuse to think they are a negative person, and this holds them back from true fulfillment in life. Because in reality they are “Negative Nancy’s” and don’t even realize it.

Recognition of your problem is the first step to change…


Lets find out where you rank on the Positivity – Negativity scale…

Take the following “How Positive or Freaking Negative Am I” test below and use this scoring system:


How To Score Your Test

Here are is the score for each answer you are to use. take your positive mindset test

=> Always or almost always – 5

=> Usually – 4

=> Sometimes – 3

=> Rarely – 2

=> Never – 1

Right your score for each answer on a sheet of paper and then after you have answered them all add them up to see your score.


Ready Set Go…

1) When something derails your plans and requires you to make new plans or change your existing plans, you quickly find the new opportunity in this situation? [ ]

2) You enjoy meeting new people and typically find something you like in them? [ ]

3) When you think about the future, particularly one year from now, do you believe you will have progressed and next year will be better then the present? [ ]

4) Do you take time to enjoy life and recognize the beauty around you? [ ]

5) When a person criticizes you or work you have completed, are you able to tell the difference between the constructive criticism and simply negative comments? [ ]

6) Do you lift the people closest to you up and encourage them more than you criticize them? [ ]

7) When you think about the future do you think humans will survive into the 21st century? [ ]

8) Does it surprise you when people especially friends disappoint you or let you down? [ ]

9) Do you believe that you are a happy person? [ ]

10) Are you able to allow yourself to be the target of jokes, can you laugh at yourself? [ ]

11) Do you believe for the most part that your mindset has a positive effect on your health? [ ]

12) If you wrote down the names of 5 people you liked the most would you write your own name on that list? [ ]

13) When you ponder over the last few weeks, will you think about all of your success instead of your failures? [ ]


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How Did You Do?!?.

If the total of your points is:

55 or higher: Congrats you ROCK… you are a positivity machine… keep on keeping on.

50 – 55: Great stuff. You are a primarily a positive person.

45 – 50: Good job. For the most part you are focused on being positive.

40 – 45: You have some work to do. You do have a positive side, but it is about even with your negative side.

Below 40: Now is the time for change. Your negative side is running you. It is time to get back on track. Spend quality time working on personal development and yourself. Make a concentrated effort to look for the positive side of life.

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will

Your attitude and outlook in life will be a direct reflection on what you accomplish in life. People who look for the positive in situations that come their way are the ones that create greatness.

Becoming a positive person is simply a decision on your part to put the work in to making it happen. Being negative is easy… being positive takes effort, but the rewards are tremendous.

The choice as always is yours!


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Until Next Time
Make Things Happen!!
Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach



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