VIDEO – Pitbull Inspired To Become a Success by Tony Robbins

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Pitbull Inspired To Become a Success by Tony Robbins

Man I have always digged Pitbulls music, this guy brings a cool beat that reminds you of summer time even in the dead of winter. pitbull motivated for success by tony robbins

Plus this guys rise to success is incredible.  His story is awesome.

He is obviously one heck of a go getter and driven towards being the best he can be.

I came across this short video where he is live on Ryan Seacrest’s show.  And of course in the video Ryan asks Pitbull about how and why he became such a success in life.

Pitbull gives a lot of credit to Tony Robbins and having had to listen to his motivational audio tapes in the car with his mother when he was a kid.

Great lesson to learn as a parent also, turn the radio off and make your kids listen to motivational and success oriented stuff and maybe just maybe your kid will be the next Pitbull…  at the very least they will be focused on success in life!  🙂

Check out the video…  it is short and I am sure you will enjoy…  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Talk soon!

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