Overcome The Fear of Talking to People

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Overcome The Fear of Talking to People

Here is the thing… your success in Network Marketing simply comes down to you talking to people and sharing your Network Marketing opportunity with them. Transform your fear of prospecting into action

Do you get that?

Do you REALLY get that?

Your success in Network Marketing is virtually a sure thing IF you will simply share your business opportunity with enough people!

WOW… when I really got that, when I really understood that, it was a game changer for me.

Here was an opportunity for me to live the life of my dreams by simply getting enough people to look a a website or DVD video!

Easy right?!?  Exciting right?!?

Then WHAT is holding you back?
Fear is Holding You Back…

If you are not having the success you desire… the ONLY reason is that you are simply not sharing your business with enough people.

FEAR is holding you back.

Irrational… makes no sense FEAR!

Fear of talking to people..

Fear of what they might think of you or say to you…

If you want success you have to get over this fear!

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How To Get Over Your Fear of Prospecting…

The best way to get over it bar none is to simply feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY… make yourself pick up that phone and call a prospect and ask them to take a look at your opportunity!

The more you do it the easier it becomes, until before long you wondered why you were ever afraid of this activity in the first place… I promise you that if you do this enough, you will come to this point!

Another way to get over your fear is to think rationally…

If you pick up the phone and call a prospect what is the worst that can happen?

They hang up on you?

They yell at you?

Wellll a biiigggg Whoop-De-Do!  Who cares!!

Look at the flip side… What is the best thing that can happen?

You enrol them into your Network Marketing business…. they go wild and enrol a ton of people into your organization!

The reward verses risk is a no brainer!!



Every successful network marketer feels uncomfortable from time to time.. and this is a GREAT thing… it means you are pushing, it means you are driving, it means you are stepping out of your comfort zone and making things happen!

If you feel uncomfortable and face the fear and do the activity you are well on your way to realizing the success you desire with your Network Marketing business!


So YOUR Turn What Do You Think?!?!

Let me know in the comments section if you got any value from this AND fill me in on your thoughts!

Robb Corbett
Robb Corbett Motivation and Success Coach

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