Opening my heart to others brings me joy

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Opening my heart to others brings me joy.

My heart is like a castle that I protect with all of my passion. Yet, when I let down the drawbridge to let others in, I am always happy with the outcome. sunset love

When my heart is open, my breath is calm and easy and I feel my soul relax with each heartbeat. I let my feelings flow through me. I feel vulnerable and that is okay.

The purpose of opening my heart is to let in love…

I realize that by opening my heart, I can experience more joy than ever. I know that if I open my heart, I sometimes also open myself to pain, but this can eventually bring me closer to finding joy. Only by opening my heart can I have a chance to know this joy.

By letting down the walls around my heart, I encourage others to do the same. This enriches my relationships by bringing more happiness to us both. And I feel even closer to those I love.

Today, I choose to let more joy into my life by opening my heart to others. The world becomes more wondrous the more I open my heart and let love flow.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who do I already open my heart to?
2. What do I feel when I open my heart?
3. How can I feel comfortable and safe enough to open my heart to others?

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