Nobody’s A Comin

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Nobody’s A’Comin…

I once heard something years ago that really jolted me into action…

I was one of these people who always said they wanted success and that they were always going to go for it and make it happen…  you just wait.

I even had myself convinced of this!

But for the longest time I never did a dang thing besides research…

I was always waiting for that one thing that would do it for me.

I would spend all kinds of money on success books and read all kinds of stories of other people becoming a success and how they did it, but I would never do it myself.

I would convince myself that I was waiting for that perfect thing to show up…  that one idea that was for me.

But in reality I was waiting for it all to magically happen for me. The Calvary is not coming

I was waiting for the easy way…  for all the stars to align and Robb would be poofed up to success!

However when I heard someone say and explain “Nobody is Coming”…  or put another way “The Cavalier is Not Coming”…  everything changed for me forever.

What that means is nobody is going to help you become a success…

Nobody is going to do it for you…

There is no help coming!

Or as the other old wise saying goes…  “If it is to be it is up to me!”

You are on your own when it comes to achieving what it is you want to achieve in your life.

You and you alone are the master of your destiny.

You either except that and get into action or you don’t and end up frustrated your whole life!

A simple message today…  but one that is incredibly powerful if you truly get it.

Take a pen and write the Words:  “Nobody’s Coming”!  Place those words where you will see them to remind you that it is up to you.

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